Monday, March 19, 2012

One advantage of Zara over Designer

As I said yesterday, my Zara shoes were about 1/10 the price of a similar style of Lanvins I loved. As a result, I wore them immediately today. I didn't worry about rain, I didn't worry that I would scuff them. I enjoyed them immediately and they were actually quite comfortable for a 4 inch heel. 

I am not in the habit of wearing things immediately. I used to always save my new stuff for a special occasion, a party, or a special dinner, anything but every day, good for price-per-wear usage. My brother on the other hand, would buy something and wear it out the same night. The first time I ever did that was with an expensive Marella (a Max Mara brand) pink linen blazer jacket. I wore it on a flight to New York. So far so good, my future husband picked me up from the airport and thought I looked beautiful. We arrived at his house, his mum offered me an ice tea, and his dog jumped up to greet me. Ice tea all over the jacket - jacket ruined forever. I got about 11 hours of wear out of it.

In more recent years I have gotten better about wearing stuff and making the purchase count. But the fact is, those beautiful white Celine shoes (see my post about them here) are still sitting in tissue paper, while yesterday's Zaras have already been on Hollywood Road and beyond.

Grainy evidence of brand spanking new shoes worn today!

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