Thursday, March 15, 2012

JDCamicetta Spring

I look at the style blog of Chiara Ferragni a couple of times a week. She is a gorgeous Italian girl who dresses very beautifully in simple, optimistic happy colorful outfits. She is one of the big name bloggers out there with good seats to all the fashion shows, a line of shoes for Mango, and modeling gigs for prestigious companies like Moda Operandi. What I love about her, is that she dresses unapologetically pretty, there is no edge about her, just clean and easy. For myself I often feel I need to pack more edge in an outfit but every time I see a picture of Chiara it makes me wonder why I am so obsessed about being more edgy than pretty. It might be a hang-up left over from working in New York, where catty and snobby fashion eyes dissect everything you wear - and no matter how well you can draw a handbag or cut a pattern, if you got no fashion edge you might as well go home and watch The Days of Our Lives. So very nice that sweet Chiara has become such a star. Check her out on

Chiara's outfit reminded me of a JDCamicetta spring dress - this is a Fiona dress in silk, and I have paired it with a Zara jacket and Tod's bag. I love Chiara's Chanel jacket, but Zara will have to do!

In the world of the obscure small time Hong Kong blogger you change the lighting in your rather lackluster Blackberry pictures by putting outfits under the table. Like I said: if you don't know what to do with your poverty, you are not worth having it.

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