Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where would we be without Phoebe

Céline bag

Céline sneakers

Fashion's silhouette has changed so much under Phoebe Philo's reign at Céline, that I feel old fashioned and in need of an update urgently. A lot of designers have offered things I have coveted over the last few seasons, but Phoebe has made me question why in heaven's name I still dress in skinnies. They have started to look a bit dated, but I think they can look new again with more volume above, like my brand new Zara top maybe. I have been wanting to try volume and cropped tops over longer layers and found this very simple wool top yesterday which seems to go with all my old favorites.

Here is the top over a favorite white COS shirt and with my all time favorite black pants by Phillip Lim. 
The boots with slightly higher and wider shaft are from Zara as well.

The top updates my very old but beloved H&M checked pants, and is a nice short layer over my JDC blouse.

With these well loved stripy shorts and JDC silk top, I love the 3rd layer of the cropped top. The top is in stores now - and it totally works as a coat in Hong Kong.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hyper Luxe

Paris Vogue dedicates its October issue hyper luxe, which results in a model wearing a mink slip dress in one of its pages. Since the word luxe is thrown around with far too much reckless abandon nowadays, I suppose Emmanuelle Alt had to move on to not just super luxe but hyper luxe to make a point - and that point is, I think, to show off fashion's craftsmanship, at least, the little of it that is left. I came across a BBC documentary on youtube, The Secret World of Haute Couture - which explores the world of haute couture and the few women who live their daily lives in these handmade treasures.

Louis Vuitton ring

Bulgari necklace and earrings

Repossi ring

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

JDCamicetta and Nuan Cashmere

We are preparing to have a JDCamicetta showing at The Conrad Hotel, on November 14 together with Nuan Cashmere. The new things are just beautiful - come and see us - more information to follow.

I want to live in a Nancy Meyers' house

kitchen in the Beverly Hills mansion of The Holiday

living room in the English cottage of The Holiday

Napa house in The Parent Trap

bedroom in It's Complicated

living room in It's Complicated

kitchen in It's Complicated

sitting room in Something's Gotta Give

What do the movies Its Complicated, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, and The Parent Trap have in common? It's the director, Nancy Meyers.

I want to live in a world designed by Nancy Meyers. A hospital stay for my little one resulted in a revisit of the classics for kids - The Parent Trap always high on our list. You can't watch it of course without wondering how that adorable Lindsay Lohan became Lilo, but for me the surprise this time was in the credits: I had no idea Nancy Meyers directed it. And just like in all her movies, I want to live in those decors - in this movie I can't decide whether I want the house in London or the rustic yet modern ranch in Napa.

Or what about The Holiday? The cozy cottage in the snow white fields of a post card perfect English village, or the Beverly Hills mansion with all the modern comforts in the world.  And let's talk about the Santa Barbara house in It's Complicated with its cozy kitchen - I'd love to cook if I had that lovely space. And the house in Something's Gotta Give: has there ever been a more perfect Hamptons house on film?

Says she who has spent the last 17 of the last 20 years in rentals.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


my old self in the mirror - the person I know and trust

Ah, who doesn't love a selfie. Does anyone really ever know what sunglasses look like on their face until the effect is properly surveyed on a selfie? Or an outfit? What does the mirror know about clothes anyway? An iphone shot is all it takes nowadays. Wait, is that a hair on my chin??

Well, I thought I was so with it, taking my selfies in the mirror with my Blackberry until recently. And then Blackberry almost went bust, and a whole lot of people shamed me into getting an iphone. Yet... bloody hell - I DON'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE MYSELF. 

We all sort of know that the mirror is our reverse image, and not what people see.... but I am so used to that person, she's the one I want to see. So why did iphone have to go ahead and invent a camera that let's you shoot yourself exactly how you are - I mean, who needs that kind of realism, I have barely gotten used to the person in the mirror. Someone save Blackberry please, I love sticking my head in the sand.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plaid Jackets

I did this "set" on 2 years ago although I did change the wool pants that were originally in the set for the jeans. Seems like very little has changed in fashion. Wedge boots are all over the place. Plaid jackets are probably the most important trend of the season. These were by Phillip Lim (camel and black) and Jaeger (blue and black). Makes me look forward to winter.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Would you buy a plaid wool shirt for US $ 1,740?

If your answer was yes, I am sorry to say they are sold out

Oh but it's your lucky day if you wear a French size 40 - and look, Net-a-Porter sells them for only US $1,071.

I don't even know where to begin... First of all, do your research from now on. A single shirt is US$700 more expensive on MyTheresa than on Net-a-Porter, so check your prices. But still, at $1,071 I think it would have to be the finest cashmere found on earth for me to even consider it. For f's sake, it is a plaid shirt. Is this some kind of luxury grunge experiment? The last laugh goes to MyTheresa, who seem to have picked a random number out of a hat, and closed the deal. The second-to-last laugh goes to Hedi Slimane, who seems to achieve margins other designers could only dream of.

Btw have you ever watched Bill Cunningham's On the Street videos for The New York Times? They are fabulous, and I always have a chuckle when Bill pronounces Hedi Slimane's French name as Hedi Slymane. He makes it sound like slimy. Sometimes I wonder whether he does it on purpose.

Monday, October 21, 2013


all JCrew

I love the look of a padded vest under a tailored blazer

Despite no posting about fashion while in LA, I have been thinking about clothes constantly for the last week. Traveling has a way of defining what you really need, and what you can easily do without.

It makes you more creative as well - you need to rotate and rethink your combinations and I quite liked that. When I was in college in New Jersey I had arrived with just 2 suitcases, but those clothes would last me a full term. I mixed everything around a lot, and took considerable pride in my friend Pam's opinion that I never looked the same twice.

Now that I have more money to spend, I have become lazy when I shop. I have bought so many things in recent years that I didn't feel passionate about. If you are anything like me, check your wardrobe and see how many things you just absolutely love and couldn't part with. Not that many? I bet you too have a whole lot of grey, black, navy and white knit things, and countless pairs of unworn jeans. There's often an indifference when I buy those items, constantly thinking I need them, but not really searching for the perfect versions.

I loved having very few things last week, and somehow making it all work together for 9 days. But maybe that's because I only brought my favorites. And maybe that's what I need to remember better from now on, to only buy the things I truly love. Of course that takes discipline, the kind of discipline that was forced on me in college when I didn't have any money.

I did shop with discipline in LA and went for 3 things I really wanted: a grey blazer jacket, a padded vest, and some boyfriend jeans. I love all three very much for their fabric, their cut, and for what they add to my existing wardrobe. Now if only I can keep it up.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where is the fashion

Where is the fashion, you may ask - well none is needed when you are staying in paradise... But for good measure here are Cassie's new silver herringbone All Stars. A British transplant California girl doesn't need a whole lot else.

And besides, I have been busy eating veggie burgers at The Counter

and eating take-away fish tacos and cauliflower ceviche from Tacos Punta Cabras on 2311 Santa Monica Boulevard... you haven't lived until you've tried them.

 and then there's been quite a bit of staring at the ocean as well... there simply is no time for fashion in paradise. Although going to Barneys tomorrow - and you know the sight of a pair of Céline shoes is going to make me forget about the ocean pretty fast.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Empty spaces

I hardly ever manage to take a picture without people in it in Hong Kong. Here in California, quiet is everywhere.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Kid in a candy store

The enormous Céline selection at Barneys on Wilshire Boulevard

My fave Céline of the bunch

some time to kill on Rodeo Drive - did not dare to go in and ask for the price of this at David Yurman

same for the adorable signet pinky rings - I want the blue and I am pretending they are just crystals so that there is a chance...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My new iphone cover says it all

my new iphone cover says it all

the palm tree shot just never gets old

delicious brunch Bloody Mary's at Red O

JCrew at The Grove - good for a few hours of fun

I love LA

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My new fave restaurant

Fico Italian restaurant on Robertson in West Hollywood

really good food, really nice wine with barely any mark-up, and lovely terrace on Robertson - and no one batted an eyelid when we showed up with kids (funny though, we came at 6, thinking we'd be out of there before all the adults showed up, but it was seriously busy because Americans eat very early... - just stating the facts, not insulting, after all I am the only non-American in my family)

Biker Jackets in LA

I have been eyeing biker jackets everywhere - thinking I'd kind of like one but remembering the wise words of Sarah Mower (no biker jackets for the over 30s) and also worrying about spending lots of cash to buy into a trend I will be sick of very soon. And here in LA, there are so many everywhere, it's hard to avoid them. Maybe this will help me decide I don't want to follow the masses, but I do love the Joseph jacket below...

Joseph's version of a biker jacket with knit collar

All Saints biker jacket - without the big leather collar - lovely shape

Kitson biker jacket with gold studs - not my bag, but I love the t-shirt underneath and will for sure be going back to buy this:  NO SAINT LAURENT WITHOUT YVES. Parisian boutique Colette got banned from selling all Saint Laurent products for having this t-shirt in stock. As far as I know Kitson has never  stocked any Saint Laurent, so I guess they have nothing to fear...  Hedi Simane may well be a great designer, but a sense of humor he has not.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Two hours later...

black Zara jeans with back zips
Valentino black patent shoes
Balenciaga taupe Velo bag
JDCamicetta taupe and black Sarah top

... and I finally found one outfit I like. If only I had started 3 days ago. Stay tuned for some fashion from Los Angeles starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Packing for Cali

Is there anything more annoying - if you love fashion - than arriving at your travel destination only to find out you have packed all the wrong things? I live in Hong Kong but am going to LA. It's slightly cooler there, and definitely cool at night. Do the people in LA embrace the seasons? Do they drop their flip flops after September? Will I look like a tourist if I wear dresses? I love fashion but hate packing for a city trip. I have been at it since 8 this morning and 6 hours later I am still nowhere near finished. Maybe I'll just go for a swim and procrastinate a bit longer.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fruit Bike in the Dafen Art Village in China

Sorry no fashion here but I love this photo of a fruit vendor on a bike - she even has a scale (on the left). Loved her smile.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


We have been so pleased at JDCamicetta to have our clothes at Templeman in Perth. Sarah Templeman has a lovely shop, quite eclectic, with clothes, jewelry and other accessories. She visited us in Hong Kong this weekend on her way back from Paris, and showed us some of the lovely bits and pieces she sourced there for her shop.

Woven necklace - absolutely perfect with my friend's silk JDC shirt

these come in bracelets too

this turquoise bracelet was so much fun - but you will have to go to Templeman to buy it...  Find Sarah Templeman on Facebook HERE