Saturday, February 18, 2012


Celine calls it a re-issue of last year's style. I'd like to call it divine intervention. And I'll be thanking high priestess Phoebe Philo in my prayers.

I am not going to wear them in full Celine minimalist mode but probably try my new light blue JDCamicetta skirt with them, chanel-ize it a tiny bit with an old Zara jacket and do the sportswear trend on the cheap with a Nike T-shirt. Or else another fave look of JDCamicetta shirtdress underneath a JDCamicetta Fiona dress. It's still too cold to choose one or the other.

Chanel makes me think of Karl and then over to Adele, since as you may have read recently, the hollow-cheeked designer geezer has a new line of clothes to sell and of course that always coincides with a bit of wannabe outrageous behavior on his part. Yawn. See below a pic from US Vogue. She is such a stunner. That's how I'd like to do my eye make-up while wearing those Celines.

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