Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I don't know how to carry off this J.Crew skirt

J.Crew skirt (HERE)
J.Crew cashmere jumper (HERE)
Chloé shoes (few years old but similar HEREHERE, and HERE)

The skirt is so bright and ladylike that I feel it has to be casualised.  That's not a word but you know what I mean.  So I am thinking a big jumper (maybe a camel color instead?) and a thick heel or a sneaker.

I don't know, anyone have any advice?  I was seduced by the colors, but maybe I should have slept on it...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Franca: Chaos and Creation

As recently as May 2016 there was a law in Holland which forbids insulting a friendly (i.e. ally) head of state.  Turkish leader (and well known prick) Recep Tayyip Erdogan got insulted by a German comedian and promptly lodged a complaint with the German government.

In the photo on my screen above people with gold balloons proudly exercise their right to insult the president on Fifth Avenue in New York.  But by posting this photo, am I breaking the law in Europe?  Just to make it clear, I very much agree with the balloons.

As much as I fret, America is still the place where you can insult your heart out.  And that probably makes it the greatest country in the world.  Even with that muppet running the show.

In the documentary Franca: Chaos and Creation, Franca Sozzani's son paints a portrait of his mother, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia.  For me the most interesting aspect of her story is how she managed to create such outrageous, often politically motivated content at such a conventional publishing company.  If you are looking for feminism and girl power in fashion, Franca Sozzani was the real thing. 

The conversations between mother and son, often in the back of a car, are well worth watching.  You will have to sit through occasional appearances by the usual subjects who don't say a whole lot but who articulate very simple words slowly and seductively.

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy talking nonsense with just the right amount of chest hair exposed.

I went through my magazines to see if I had any of Franca's issues left, and unfortunately I could only find the June 2011 issue, which was featured in the documentary and celebrated curvy (i.e. normal) women.  

I don't love politics in my fashion editorials, but as a tribute to Franca, in this post I am taking a tiny stand:  FOR the right of free speech and AGAINST the moron who is trying to take it away from us.

Watch Franca on Netflix.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Casual(ish) Date Night Outfit

The other day I waxed lyrical about my new grey jumper.  I now want to wear it with every outfit.  There are few things more versatile than the perfect grey jumper.  Here it tones down a dressy skirt for a slightly more casual but chic date night outfit.

J.Crew lace skirt (similar HEREHERE and HERE)

& Other Stories jumper (HERE)

Miu Miu bag (similar HERE)

Miu Miu pumps (similar HERE)

Add some modern earrings to your simple outfit.  The book underneath is possibly my favorite ever fashion book.

J.Crew earrings (HERE)

Book: The Little Black Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld (HERE)

And then maybe add a smoky eye for a bit of edge.  

This palette is from Victoria Beckham's new range with Estée Lauder.  Find it HERE.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Super Easy Matching Style Tip

Match your bag to your top and your shoes to your bottom.  It's super easy and it makes your outfit look really polished.  It works best with solids although I have tried it with similar prints before and that works too (see HERE print skirt and print shoes with black top and black bag).

For years now magazines have been saying you should not match your shoes and bag because that's old fashioned.  I still like matching (I am just anal that way), but try this for a more modern match.

Dream Outfit with Isabel Marant Skirt, & Other Stories Jumper, and Those Zara Boots

Isabel Marant skirt (similar HERE)
& Other Stories cashmere jumper (HERE)
Zara boots (HERE)

I can't, unfortunately, wear my dream outfit, because it is 34 degrees again today.  Buts as soon as it gets to 24 I will be wearing this every single day. The gray jumper is awesome. It's from & Other Stories, and is more tightly knitted than the average high street cashmere. This means it doesn't feel quite as soft but it has a nice weight and the heather gray is absolutely beautiful. The arms are quite fitted while the body is a bit more loose and cropped. This is a really good jumper.

And Zara finally started selling these boots which were featured in so many looks on their website. If you are a regular reader you may remember I was obsessing over these last month. Now that they have arrived at my house in size 37 and size 38, I love them just as much as I thought I would.

My feet aren't perfect for them though.  I have a high instep which makes the leather wrinkle a bit on top of my foot.  Size wise I think the boot is a bit on the narrow but large side, therefore I am keeping the 37. If you have narrow feet with a regular instep you can size down.

This skirt is unbelievably lovely (and it has an elasticated waist) but I am aware it is quite expensive*.  Find some nice less expensive alternatives HEREHERE, and HERE.

* This blog is not about showing off possessions...  I put outfits together for the reader's entertainment, and I enjoy a cheap high street purchase just as much as something more fancy. Thought I'd just mention that - it feels necessary after Louise Linton's instagram savagery.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A few moments of sheer bliss in the Surrey Downs

The view from Platform 1 at Woldingham train station

Anytime I am just about to lose faith in human decency I should get on a train to the English country side. In country towns in England, you may well come to believe that social media hasn't been invented yet, and that community spirit and kindness are the most important values in the world.

I am back in London now where my daughter asked me about THIS and all I want to do is get straight back on that train to that other innocent world we visited only a few days ago.

But.. we are about to get on a plane home to Hong Kong, so no such luck.

See you back in the tropics.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Classic With A Twist

I spent most of the day roaming around the area between Oxford Street and Piccadilly. Wherever you look there is something spectacularly beautiful, whether it be an intricately sculpted coat of arms or a delicate wrought iron gate.  I don't think I'd ever shop online if I lived in London.  It's too much fun to have the full shopping experience here.

I've been thinking of getting something in velvet, but most pieces in stores feel too much like one-hit wonders - I swear I have seen the exact same velvet bomber jacket in at least five stores.  They are cute I agree, but I prefer to buy classics, things that won't feel last season in just a few months.

This Sandro jacket is perfect:  there's a nod to the season's velvet obsession but this navy double breasted classic will look beautiful long after the trend has passed. Find it HERE.