Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Lunch Outfit: Trying To Fix A Matchy Matchy Disaster (Continued From Yesterday)

I have now deleted yesterday's post, in which I was originally quite happy to post this outfit:

I was quite chuffed with the amount of coordination achieved, right down to the blue and white lines on the Parker Thatch tote.

And I got a compliment a mere minute into lunch:  "I love your outfit, you look like that French lady, ehm, Fressange, the one with short brown hair"

And another one right after that:  "yes her too, but I was thinking of that show with Jane Fonda where the husbands turn out to be gay?"

So I think my friends are saying this outfit would really suit a 60-year old French ex-model or an 80-year old American actress with a really good facelift.
Either way, I am not wearing that ever again.

I suppose a pussy bow top combined with mary jane shoes might be too much?   What if I swapped the shoes for boots?  Not sure if that's made a difference, I think it's the pussy bow...

Right then, pussy bow swapped for a grey T-shirt and mary janes gone, and suddenly I am back to a rather basic outfit, but one that I am fairly sure will not make me look 80.

Which do you prefer?

xxxxx Dianne

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Capture Your (Own) Style with Aimee Song

Capture Your Style is a book about Instagram and how to take great photos.  It's fun and if you are interested in becoming an Instagram star or are using it for a business purpose, it's a great resource.  Aimee advises writing a mission statement before you start which is a great idea to maintain focus. 

I bought the book because Aimee Song has amazing style - in fact, she has captured her style to perfection.  No matter what clothes she wears, Aimee always looks like herself.  It reminds me that individual style is not about wearing the same type of jacket or trousers all the time but by injecting the outfits with some of your personality.

I always wish I could verbalize how to do that.  But I couldn't do it any better than Amanda Brooks, whose book I LOVE YOUR STYLE is still the very best personal style book ever written.

There are two things, however, I know for sure about finding your own style.  First: if there is a person whose style you adore, you should always ask yourself before you buy anything whether your personal fashion icon would wear it.

And second, if you come across an outfit in a magazine or on a website that makes you gasp or start googling, then this too could very well be your style.  What you really love will have instinctive appeal - and you should not spend your money without it.

I experienced shortness of breath when I came across this picture earlier today.  Slim trousers, a stripy tie dye T-shirt, a modern slingback, and a top handle dove grey bag.. this outfit couldn't possibly be more perfect for me.  

Needless to say, orders have been placed :)

If you still read magazines, start ripping out all the pages that make you feel this way.  I actually haven't read many lately.. and have not bought American Vogue in forever.

If you find an image online that makes your heart skip a beat, take a screen shot and put it in a folder somewhere.  Look at these resources every Sunday night over a cup of tea.  I have found after my no-shopping challenge in January that it is very satisfying to spend time planning and tweaking your wardrobe - and it saves money too.

What frustrates me about Instagram stars like beautiful Aimee, is that they hardly ever wear the same thing twice and it creates this constant desire among the audience to have newer fresher things, which is simply not realistic for most people on a normal budget.

This has inspired me to follow a new mission for this blog:  to show you style from the point of view of a person who has to wear their clothes on repeat like everyone else.

If you like this idea, you may like blogger Emma Hill's fashion feed HERE.

xxxxxx Dianne

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is Versace Having A Revival? And Is Full Glam Makeup Back?

Versace has a huge, fairly new store on Queen's Road Central across from the Landmark.  I often just walk past without looking, but the other day I noticed the windows looked exactly like it was Fall 1992.

First I thought it was rather lazy for Donatella to just redo a whole collection, but then I checked myself and thought of Chanel bags, shoes and jackets.

In the next moment I saw boots full of bondage straps and gold medallions that I suddenly desperately wanted.

Versace's Fall 1992 collection had the most beautiful ad campaign.  I tore all the pictures of Christy Turlington out of my magazines and decorated my first apartment's walls with them.  Watch this video to get a sense of the collection HERE or see the full show HERE, HERE and HERE...  On a side note, check out the low heeled booties in the show and you will realize where the Chloé team found the inspiration for their wildly popular Susanna boots.

The models in this show were goddesses (Yasmeen Ghauri and Christy Turlington were my faves), and I think they still represent beauty to me even today.  I adored the smoky eyes with huge lashes, nude lips and lots of pink blush.

Versace Pacific Place

Versace in the Pacific Place mall in Admiralty, Hong Kong

An old ad with model Shalom Harlow from a mid-nineties scrap book I still have.

Just as I was thinking about this, I noticed an article about makeup in the Washington Post this morning (HERE).  Full on glam makeup is taking youtube by storm.  My daughter says where have you been, mum when I ask her about it.

If only Kevyn Aucoin was still alive today.  He probably would have loved all these creative young kids using the style of makeup he pioneered.  I still love his books and his way of shaping faces.  Kevyn Aucoin taught my generation all the tricks to bring out the very best in your face while at the same time loving all kinds of beauty without judgement.

A Dutch nineties icon: Karen Mulder on the cover of TopModel magazine in 1996. 

Claudia Schiffer also in TopModel mag (I have a few issues left from those days) in full on glam eyes, lips, and hair. Why just focus on one.

Hope you are all having fabulous Tuesdays!

xxxxx Dianne

Monday, February 19, 2018

And So The Year Of The Dog Begins: Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Only in Hong Kong...


Isabel Marant Étoile jacket (similar HERE)

Isabel Marant Étoile jeans (a recent sale grab after I already bought the black and grey ones: HERE)
Note: these jeans are lovely but not for tall people... they are too cropped if you are over 5 feet 4.

J.Crew long sleeve T-shirt (HERE)

J.Crew shoes (similar HERE)

Chanel bag (mine is last year's but there is a brand new style almost the same HERE)

xxxxxxx Dianne

Friday, February 16, 2018

Perfect Coat For Lazy Dressers: Zara Long Crossover Coat in Cornflower Blue

Zara blue coat - I have only seen it at the IFC store, online available in red HERE.

This is my dream coat.

The color is stunning, it's unlined and therefore lightweight and drapy.

The fabric is a mix of wool and polyester, but feels like cashmere.

It's the kind of coat you can put on over your daily errands outfit, add some fancy sandals, bring a sparkly clutch, and you are totally ready for anything.

I find myself in a situation fairly often where I am already in town and I should really pop in to an event I have committed to but haven't got time to change.  That's when I need this coat!

It's so pretty and the cornflower blue fabric makes it look quite special.

I haven't seen the blue version online yet, and there's only limited stock in Zara's IFC store.

Very highly recommended.  This is not quite Max Mara but it's a lot of impact for a more reasonable price (although quite high for Zara).

Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Happy Chinese New Year!

xx Dianne

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ultimate Cheap & Chic Buy Of The Week: H&M Pale Blue Denim Skirt

This H&M pale blue skirt is well made from midweight stretchy denim.  It's got a finished rough hem, and the color is very pretty.  It looks much more expensive than its 299 HKD (HERE).  Today I also received a ten times more expensive pale denim skirt from Goldsign (HERE) but the H&M version is giving it a run for its money.  Not sure yet if I will keep the Goldsign one, although I love the gold buttons.

The grey jumper is my very best buy of last season.  I wore it to death but it still looks like new.  The tighter cashmere weave means no pilling at all, none whatsoever.  The shape is fantastic.  Next time I am in London I will hunt for different colors.  Find it HERE.

The Chanel bag I got as a wedding anniversary gift last year.  I am just starting to really love it, after at first wondering if it was too much a of seasonal bag with the studs.  I now take it out virtually every day and I have stopped being worried about putting it on the floor or getting it scratched.

If you don't use your nice things, what's the point of having them?

The result of heavy use is, however, that even very expensive Chanel bags will start looking worse for wear.  There is no way to get around this but it doesn't matter if you have enjoyed carrying it.  Fashion is not an investment, no matter what any magazine tells you.

Or maybe this should be my ultimate cheap and chic buy of the week:  a HKD 170 necklace from COS.  Cheaper than a lipgloss, this is such a fun accessory to wear in anticipation of spring.  Find it HERE.

A VAT-less airport splurge:  navy and black Chanel slingbacks.  I had a pair of well-loved lookalikes which convinced me it would be money well spent to get the real thing.

Almost Chinese New Year here in the 852!

Hope you are all having a lovely day,

xx Dianne

PS.  Tell me in the comments which denim skirt you like best?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Shout Out To Donne Concept Store, in Cagliari, Italy

I had been looking for these Gianvito Rossi Croft boots for a while.  Dior showed gorgeous combat boots in their resort show, and I suspect this style is only going to get more popular in the next few seasons. 

I loved the Gianvito Rossi version because it has a 7 cm block heel and a little bit of height is always welcome.

  My go-to search sites Lyst and Shopstyle indicated that my size was available in Italy at Donne Concept Store.

I registered and put the boots in my basket but then hesitated about the sizing even though they were 50 percent off.  

Soon after a very lovely person called Silvia contacted me to help out.

 As MyTheresa had described the boots as fitting large, and advised sizing down, I wasn't sure which ones to buy.

I told Silvia my size in a couple of brands and she went down to the shop floor and tried them on for me to ascertain the precise fit.  She thought the 36.5 would be fine, but assured me that if they were not, I could get a full refund.

They arrived last night and Silvia was right, they fit me very well.

The packaging was beautiful as well.  I was so excited to open the box that I couldn't wait till morning to take a picture in a prettier location.  The bathroom floor would have to do.

Such a nice experience all around.  I've never been to Sardinia but always wanted to go.  Now there is an even better reason to.

xx Dianne