Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The other day I complained about high end designers using cheap fabrics - well this one takes the prize. Newly arrived at Net-a-Porter this Miu Miu dress costs $36,400 Hong Kong Dollars (about $4,700 US!!!!!) and is made of a mix of acetate and viscose. Acetate is a horrible fabric which changes color over time. The lining is 100 % polyester. Miuccia, that is so ridiculous. And don't tell me that embroidery work was really expensive - I suspect this is not Lesage artisanship we are looking at. Outrageous.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celine shoes with high vamp

Shoes with high vamps are not going away. I don't love them but these ones from Céline are quite nice.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fresh Silhouette

When I said the other day that I haven't seen anything new enough to entice me to go shopping I forgot to mention this slightly grown up version of a ra ra skirt. There is one tier at the bottom which looks like a ruffle because it was cut on the bias. These skirts aren't exactly new (I bought a version 3 seasons ago from Carven in black leather) but now that Balenciaga and Givenchy have done ruffles as well, the high street shops have fully embraced the trend. This skirt's pinstripes emphasize the bias effect. From Zara.

And here is an entirely gratuitous (but often used) photo of me looking thin in my Carven leather skirt. You'll have to excuse me for posting it yet again. I am feeling less than thin today after a gluttonous weekend in Bangkok and with a bum knee that is not improving. I need to inspire myself to finish today's fast day successfully!! (I am doing The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley). The top is old from COS and the necklace from Duchessa Jewels (see previous post for more about that).

Gucci plaid

On a walk around the Pacific Place mall I was blown away by the beautiful wool fabrics at Gucci. If you are in the habit of checking fabric labels as I am, you probably noticed that even very high end designers now often use polyester and viscose. That's when I instantly take my hard earned money and run to COS or Zara. I wouldn't have any use for a dress like this, but it is quite beautiful.

Anna Wintour style necklaces on wool plaid. Nerida from Duchessa Jewels now makes these crystal necklaces to order in a sterling silver setting.  Check her blog HERE or else go to

If this dress style came in the grey fabric above, I would seriously consider parting with my hard earned Hong Kong Dollars. But then again, this is basically a JDCamicetta Fiona dress....  (a label designed by my friend Jane and me)

A little orange goes a long way

Sometimes you don't need new clothes at all. This girl's easy soft brown hair is a perfect match with her precisely drawn orange mouth. She looks fresh and bright new. From August's British Harper's Bazaar.

What will you buy this season?

At first glance I loved these softer quilted Chanel bags with top handles and chains. They remind me of something Jackie Onassis would have worn with a little A-line dress. The sixties are part of Fall's fashions of course, but I am not convinced. The women I know just want to dress in something that suits their body type, is comfortable, and works for their life. We all love something new and different every season, but I haven't figured out yet what it will be for me this Fall. During the last few years designers have recycled last season's best selling styles over and over again. Think Rockstud shoes at Valentino, Marcie bags at Chloe, Antigona bags at Givenchy. On the one hand it is very nice that the things you spend lots of money on will be around for a while, and therefore not making you look like last season's fashion victim, but I love new and inspiring shapes and designs. Having read all of this month's magazines I am not inspired to go shopping - nothing much has changed, which will make my husband very happy!

A big and bright Chanel store at Bangkok Airport

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mini Break: Bangkok Thailand

An oasis by the river in a h-u-g-e city

The grounds and temples around the Grand Palace are breathtakingly beautiful. The crowds are overwhelming, but we probably went at the worst time of day. This place is so stunning, you simply don't know where to look.

Fit for a queen - the detail on roofs and walls everywhere is like nothing I have ever seen. Traditional Thai architecture is so unlike the modern simple lines of Dutch architecture - this is probably the most different place I have ever found myself in terms of design principles. Truly fit for a queen.

And what a beautiful queen she is... How many times can I say beautiful in one post? Queen Sirikit is gorgeous and has great style.

This picture was taken for Vogue/Conde Nast. I think this dress was on display at the museum.

From the 1960s but entirely modern - my favorite fashion image in a very long time. Belts similar to this one were displayed at the museum and the intricate metal workmanship explained on video. The photos of the queen are from Google Images.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Paris Vogue gives us a timely shopping list for all that is English - see it HERE 

Jonathan Adler cushion - photo from

photo from

Our little prince

There's nothing like a royal baby to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about your country. Not even my country, but after 10 years of living in London I am giddy with excitement and wish I was there right now. Photo from

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mini Break - Taipei Taiwan

Like most cities in the world, Taipei is prettier by night

And the fashions, well, A+ for effort - very long hair, very high sparkly heels, bows on blazers, quadruple tiered ra ra skirt combined with flouncy blouse, and faux (or real) Chanel to finish it all off. In New York, this girl would be laughed out of town by their Celine (or rip-off Zara) wearing sisters, but all this bling sure makes a city sparkle. I can't remember for the life of me right now where I read this yesterday (3 glasses of white), but the article was about fashion in Texas and it quoted one high end store owner who said he had dropped Céline from the store because it was too boxy and too black.

The guards at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial dress very well - cropped tuxedo trousers and white laced boots. Very cool indeed (and just to let you know I thought that before the 3 glasses of white).

All the power company boxes have been painted with scenes of nature. I have never in any city noticed the power boxes. Maybe because they were just grey insignifcant boxes off the side of the road.

Tom Cruise apparently worked in the kitchens of the original Din Tai Fung once, looking quite handsome in his dorky jumper. But let me tell you a secret - Din Tai Fung in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is way better.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

If you do go to Holland...

I am back home in Hong Kong now, but if you do go to Holland one day, head south from Amsterdam to visit Den Bosch. It is a beautiful old town with lovely houses and lots of great small shops. The people are very different as well - dare I say even more hospitable than their neighbors in the north? A very beautiful place.

and we have canals too

antique shops

gorgeous courtyards

and my favorite little house just off the Vughterstraat

A favorite fashion image: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

This is an outfit by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac - I would happily wear it now (if I had that tiny waist) even though this suit was designed 30 years ago - I have loved this picture since I first saw it. Photo taken from my own copy of Vogue Paris

Hair Crush

photo from

photo from

August British Vogue is brilliant - a really good issue. I so much love model Sam Rollinson's hair cut in these pictures. It reminds me of when I was fifteen - my hair was cut like this although the ends were flipped out rather than turned under. I vividly remember catching my reflection in our kitchen window and saying to myself "I love this hair cut and am never ever going to change it". Well I did change it of course. And I am not sure if I can go back now. Although I love it so much I could see myself getting the scissors out in a whim. Hhhhhhmmmmmm...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sign of the times?

Vintage 40 cm Birkin 40 % off at Matches in England

There was a time when I thought a Birkin could withstand any economic woes - but that is not the case for this lovely blue bag. Matches has three vintage Hermès on sale. Find them HERE.

Friday, July 12, 2013

About yellow shoes and impulse control (or lack of it)

I should just call this blog I LOVE SHOES

Tis the season for the fair...

I have often said my favorite blog is It's very well edited, it's consistent, and if you were to live by its style suggestions, undoubtedly you'd be classic injected with just enough in-the-know to look really cool in a Lou Doillon-if-she-were-american sort of way. Although I am fairly accomplished when it comes to fashion - I am an FIT trained designer - nothing I ever wear comes together with any sort of plan or strategy. I often wonder whether anyone else is as haphazard as I am. Just last week I unpacked my suitcase here in Holland and I looked at my selection of shoes with the smug self-satisfaction of a wannabe wardrobe planner - black Dicker boots, beige snakeskin Lanvin sandals, and black Chloe flats. I was quite proud of myself not going to the Lane Crawford sales, and sticking to only classic colors and styles. And then the circus came to town.

Well, not really the circus, but it works better as an expression. My mum, sister-in-law and I decided to go the the beautiful town of Oisterwijk, to have a look around the shops. And it so happened the fair had arrived in town. So we decided to stay for lunch, and of course we had wine. And then we went to Mayke, one of Holland's nicer shoe shops. And now I have yellow sandals. They were on sale all the way down to 143 Euros (about 1430 HKD I think). They have gold studs. I mean seriously, who still wears studs? (I of course do). They have got to go one of these days right? How come are they still so popular in Oisterwijk, Holland? And have you ever seen anyone in-the-know wear studs recently? Or yellow? No way, Lou Doillon-if-she-were-american would not be caught dead in yellow or probably Prada for that matter. But I can't resist shoes, especially colorful shoes. And as much as I admire the stylish editors out there, I will always end up with a wardrobe full of impulses. I love a pissed shop and today was of course a pissed shop. It's a requirement for any successful holiday after all. But I still wonder if there is anyone out there as haphazard in their choices as I am.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

JDCamicetta Fiona dress

I only brought one Fiona dress because I was worried it would be too cold here. But that was easily solved with my mum's COS leather jacket.

Add some comfy heels and a small purse and I am dressed up enough to go anywhere.
Email to find out where to buy JDCamicetta tops and dresses.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JDCamicetta Fiona top

Three Fiona tops hanging to dry after a quick handwash - the perfect holiday top - don't pack anything else. Email for how to buy.
PS the Fiona dress is pretty perfect too...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outlet shopping

You find yourself seduced by the pretty little cobblestone streets and treelined squares...  but they were all purpose built just a few years ago.

You try on some flats that don't look any different from the ones you are already wearing, and you find yourself saying:  But didn't Gwyneth wear these flats all the time last season? And they are so cheap!

Yes Gwyneth did wear those flats ONCE in TWO THOUSAND AND NINE!!!!  And she was paid to wear them because it was in an advertisement. Suddenly those shoes are not nearly cheap enough.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Holland Day 8 - everyone's on the water

everyone's on the water today!

nice way to live....

The canal is connected to the river Maas with this sluice - a sort of lock down moat in which the water level is lowered for boats to be able to enter the river. Holland is very beautiful when viewed from the water. Sorry no fashion today!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Holland Day 7

Anneke modeling her Chloe flats by the pool

Today was a perfect 24 degree sunny day. The kind you only find in California. We went to visit my 23-year old daughter :) Anneke and had a lovely day doing pool and BBQ. Anneke wore the Chloe flats I have been eyeing for months - this is the first time I have seen them in the flesh  and now I want them more than ever - they are perfect. You can still find them HERE. Anneke bought them in Holland from Marjon Snieders. It seems only days ago that Anneke was modeling wedding dresses in Hong Kong, but now she is back in Holland again. Hong Kong's transient nature introduces us to lovely new arrivals all the time, but the leavers are getting to me... Hope you are well Em, and that London is just as fun as when you left it....

Anneke only a few weeks ago in Hong Kong, modeling for Gingko Make-up School

If Barbie were a real girl

photo from

If Barbie were an average 19-year old girl, she would look like this. If someone actually produced reality Barbie, would our daughters choose her?  Or would they prefer old-school perfect Barbie? 

I have been thinking about sugar after a trip to Albert Heijn (Holland's most popular supermarket chain) yesterday. There is a staggeringly large display with bread toppings, and every single one of them is all sugar. There are anise seed sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles in white, milk or dark chocolate. The sprinkles come in regular size or in XXL size, and if you don't like chocolate sprinkles, you can also have chocolate flakes. There is chocolate paste, caramel paste, butter biscuit paste... This is what breakfast and lunch is about for many Dutch people. There is now a Dutch version of Sweet Poison, the popular Australian book by David Gillespie about the dangers of sugar, but in this morning's newspaper the reviews of the book were not great. Everyone is willing to believe cigarettes are bad for you, but sugar, which has some devastating effects on the human body, is still an innocent. And the feel good factor from the sweets probably outweighs the scare factor from the book. If you don't believe diet books, look up what preeminent heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz says about sugar and you'll never look at a biscuit the same way again.

anise seed sprinkles

chocolate sprinkles and flakes

from a popular biscuit into biscuit paste.....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chameleon colors

mossy stone and aged teak - perfect pairing with Chanel and Lanvin

Holland Day 6

photo from

I was determined to appreciate Holland's modern architecture this time around - we are known for modern design after all. Here's a good example, the Achmea building in Leiden, and although striking, I really dislike the primary colors stuck onto the building. But then again without the primary colors it would just be a bunch of buildings with a dark blue glass facade. I am clearly not there yet, at the appreciation stage. Because the pictures I want to take are the kind below - in this case a very old restaurant which used to be free standing until it was encased by a hideous one story mall complex on its right. And getting the building by itself was a trick because of the other tacky modern shop on its left.