Monday, January 24, 2011


I seriously think the dickey should be reintroduced into our lives.  I actually don't know if it is spelled that way.  I first heard of a dickey when I lived in New York and one of my dear friends was given a set of 3 dickeys by an elderly relative. She didn't like the dickeys, but it made for good show-and-tell among my Manhattan fashion friends. A dickey is a collar that can be worn under a jumper, but it's just the collar by itself, with a bit of extra material to tuck into the neck of your jumper.

Apparently these things were all the rage in our grandparents era - I am guessing now based on my memory of the elderly aunt's age.

Look at Alexa Chung being all super cute in these pics.  Those little white collars she always wears are undoubtedly some amazing Chanel shirts and since she is so thin, it is not actually adding bulk to her outfit.  But for your everyday person a fitted jumper doesn't look so good with a shirt underneath.  I write this post from Hong Kong, and frankly there is only about one month a year when you can wear 2 layers here!  Bring back the dickey!  I bet my many factory owner readers are already excitedly calling their pattern makers.


A bit more research and you might find that googling "dickey" often brings up "modest clothes" websites and even a few directing me to "Amish style hair pins".  I did not know the Amish have special hair pins.  In any event, modest these garments are indeed, unless you were thinking of wearing them alone.

I was thinking I'd make one out of the pink brocade I am using to sew a dress. Slightly more Miu Miu and less Amish. Will post a pic when done!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I read the other day that fashion editor Anna dello Russo likes to wear her clothes exactly like the designer showed them on the runway, because she respects the designer's vision that much. Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, was quoted in W saying that Anna truly loves fashion and what makes her so unique is that there is a real sincerity and that she respects the clothes.

No one dresses like that anymore I guess.  Head-to-toe designer outfits are considered quite unfashionable now - you are meant to mix it all up, make the look your own, dress in high end and low end at the same time.  At least that's how the fashion mags like to describe personal style.  Yet I would venture to say there are a lot more very badly dressed people in the world since we've all been left to our own devices.

Maybe head-to-toe outfits should make a comeback.  If you love fashion, you must watch To Catch a Thief, with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.  The clothes are spectacular.  And everything is always matched.

PS.  I am not actually saying head-to-toe has worked for Anna :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sofia Coppola

Last season's simple pared down Chloe and Celine spawned knock-offs all over the high street - I even went so far to buy a camel leather t-shirt shaped top at H&M because I had so much loved the original but didn't have the cash to spend on it.  I have not worn the top because every time I try it I want to put on some bangles or a big ring...  and it's just not working when it's all hussied up.  There is hardly anyone I know who could pull off stark minimalism - most of us need a bit of decoration somewhere.  I have, however, never come across a picture of Sofia Coppola looking anything but gorgeous.  She may be the only girl in the world to make a bit of nothing look so good.

Can't wait to see her new film "Somewhere" which opens in Hong Kong on 27/1.


Friday, January 21, 2011


Stripes have been such big fashion news in the past few seasons.  Although obviously a classic, stripy shirts started popping up on everyone and that has got me seriously worried.  I looooove stripes - thru the years I have had striped curtains, dresses, shirts, underpants and bras, scarves, hat, mittens, pajamas, jumpers, blazers, you name it.  I still love my stripes, but because stripes were such an in-your-face trend in 2010 will I now forever look like the girl that got stuck in a moment????

Jean Seberg did stripes, so did Picasso, Sonia Rykiel has made a multi-million dollar business built on knit stripes.  If you see me wearing stripes (which is likely to be 4 times a week) throw me a bone, and please consider me a classic?????

Some stripes of my own above and I love my friend's orange stripy jumper with jeans and Hermes scarf as belt.


Here's a picture of the lovely Lara Stone wearing a Georgian style necklace similar to the ones Anna Wintour wears, and to the ones my lovely friend Nerida designs.  There is lots of costume jewelry around nowadays, but these necklaces are different because they are based on Georgian originals. I love how the editor styled Lara here (by the way also Dutch) in a very plain jumper. If you are going to wear one of these necklaces, keep the rest simple.  See more necklaces at

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I want this print...

which was created on the occasion of a Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden. The most inspiring art show I ever saw was a Rauschenberg retrospective at the Guggenheim in New York. Poster of the print available at

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The white ski suit, part 2

So here is a front view - its not just white, it seems to be a combination of off-white and filthy dirty white.

This happens to me all the time:  I have decided something I am wearing is just the greatest outfit ever, only to see a picture of it 2 months later and wonder what the hell was I thinking????

Although its far too long ago, I suspect I would have considered the yellow turtleneck a really super cool touch, especially with the walkman headphones (or maybe it was a discman???) placed casually on top.  But I did at some point wise up and threw this suit out.  Slight improvement in front of the Matterhorn below.

PS: I was about 15 here probably.  Must remember to take this pic to my dermatologist and demand to know why my cheeks are not rosy like that anymore.

Some more Lauren....

She looks so chic in her simple safari jacket and long flared trousers.  Her wedges seem to have rope soles, just like the current YSL ones.  You could wear this outfit today and look totally of the moment.

For spring...

there is lots of brocade around.  Look at this funny picture of Lauren Hutton in what looks like brocade biker shorts.  She pulls it off nicely!!

I am dreaming of a pink brocade dress at Prada.  It is crazy expensive and it will never be mine.
But I am in the midst of sewing one of my own.  Keep reading - I will be modeling soon.

And the reason I love fashion is

for sure my mom, who always manages to look lovely without even trying.

I wonder what most shapes our sense of style?   For me I think it must have been her early guidance, the type of clothes she dressed me in as a kid.

And I guess the decade you grew up in would have had a great impact, unless it was the nineties - nothing exciting ever came out of the nineties.

Except maybe that Versace campaign where he dressed among others Christy Turlington in very bright and punchy 60's style suits with mini skirts. Will try to find a pic and post it.

I love fashion....

but that's not to say I haven't made some extremely unfortunate dress decisions in the past - witness above the sad one-piece ski suit, in white, of all colors, good thing I didn't get caught in an avalanche.  The pink head scarf is an equally ridiculous touch, although I hope, dear readers, that my mom's and brother's outfits give you a hint about when this pic was taken.  Let's just say it was not in the 21st century.

I am aiming to better show you how much I love fashion in the future.