Monday, February 13, 2017

Dressing like an extra in La La Land

If you too are at times despondent, angry, and/or frightened about the fact that a simpleton in a shorty robe is roaming the halls of world power, go see La La Land. You will no doubt be cheered for at least two hours or so. 

In recent weeks I have been thinking incessantly about traditional values, decency, honesty and morality. Am I just becoming an old fogey? Is human decency or character not something I should be concerned with? Will millennials when they finally grow up and get a job even give a damn about 1950s niceties or ancient thou-shalt-nots?

La La Land, however, is as old fashioned and 1950s nice as it gets. The technicolor brightness of this movie is as sweet as a Doris Day dress - if only the real world were this pretty, you wouldn't crave sugar for the rest of your life. In La La Land youthful dreams and promise are at times compromised and at times realized, although not without a cost.

Ryan Gosling, the most charismatic man alive, and Emma Stone are just simply two decent people working hard and attempting to do the right thing on their way to proper adulthood. For two hours it'll make you believe America is again that mythical i-have-a-dream country it should be.

And if you delete your twitter app when you exit the theater, you may be able to hold on to that nostalgic feeling for just little bit longer.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Back in Hong Kong it still feels like Summer and Christmas

Is it true photos from plane windows are as cringy as purported make-up free selfies and pictures of your lunch?

Shek'O beach is best on a clear winter's day.  Cheap and cheerful rental umbrellas set the scene.

Back in Admiralty the lights are still up as Christmas has rolled into Chinese New Year.

Light jacket optional.

Jacket J.Crew
T-shirt ChloƩ
Jeans Zara
Shoes Chanel

J.W. Anderson at Selfridges

My choice for Spring