Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look at all the Marni on March 13!!

A boozy lunch turned into a quick peek at H&M, not because of Marni, cos I thought that had sold out the day it launched.... Well I must admit to a burst of excitement when I walked into three full racks of it! I felt a sudden greediness coming over me but no one around me seemed at all interested. Every 5 minutes or so an fitting room attendant would come and drop off more clothes. There were loads and loads of the faux patent leather jackets with navy sleeves. There were loads of the dresses I am wearing in the picture. There were loads of the gorgeous purple and gold brocade trousers.

I went into the fitting room and tried pretty much everything. And then I put most of it back again. It's the fit - the fabrics are gorgeous, mostly silks, but the experimental shapes Consuelo Castiglioni likes to play with are sometimes not great for the human body. The trousers all have dropped crotches but very narrow thighs. The dress in the picture above looks fine from the front, but has excess fabric in the back which is cinched in with a ribbon, but causes bulges at the back of the underarm. The fabrics are truly gorgeous though.

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