Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Famine of Beauty

Don't wear this many layers to Hong Kong Disney on March 11, because you'll be too cold (Petit Bateau white T-shirt, long sleeved Gap T-shirt, long merino wool JCrew cardigan, JBrand purple cords, navy wool Falke socks, Tod's black loafers with regular soles, Gap down filled lifesaver vest). Does anyone remember Dennis Quaid looking quite gorgeous in that movie where the US went from a bit of unusually stormy weather to ice age in 35 minutes? I am expecting that to happen anytime now. The movie is called The Day after Tomorrow, by Roland Emmerich, a perfect itunes rental for a foggy Sunday in Hong Kong. It also has Jake Gyllenhaal, should you not be so interested in climate change.

I thought I would use our weekend-long excursion to Disney to try and take some street style pics. Well that's harder than it seems. I mean, it's actually hard, because you have to ask total strangers if you can take a picture of them. And then there's the added difficulty that 90 percent of the people there are mainlanders. I am usually able and willing to find beauty in the strangest of places - I took the picture of Slinky above because I loved the color combination of warm pink, rust, purple and parchment beige. But among mainlander fashion, there is in the words of Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley a famine of beauty

My feeble attempt at catching some bags on film below. I was intrigued by the enormous amount of detail, mixed prints, rhine stones, gathering, lace and bows, polka dotted leather - but soon realized this was not going to be a pretty post.

I must admit I have not been to Disney in the US for a while. And I suppose it's quite likely I would run into a bit of famine there too...

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