Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You can always use it as a dog collar

I was so pleased with myself. Consuelo Castiglioni's got nothing on me, I thought. Who needs to go wait in line for Marni at H&M, when all it takes is a bit of imagination.

Then my husband got home and I excitedly asked him how do you like my necklace? He looked at it hesitantly, and said it looks a bit like a dog collar. To which I replied that even Hermes makes dog collar necklaces. He looked at the necklace again and then into my hopeful eyes - well...  it's creative...

My favorite Dutch expression is: if you don't know what to do with your poverty, you are not worth having it. And putting this to the test, I thought I'd turn my lack of funds for a Marni necklace into a bit of creative energy...  So I removed the shoulder strap of an old Chloe bag (this isn't just any necklace!) to fashion a necklace. I was so pleased with myself. Was. All day. Until now.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: Do husbands's views of fashion even matter?

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