Monday, March 26, 2012

Why are designer shoes so damn expensive all of a sudden?

Don't blame me for the language, I am quoting from an article on Jezebel - read it here (and do watch the video of Carrie losing her Manolos at a shoes-off party - one of the all time funny episodes). The article complains about the seemingly arbitrary rise in designer shoe prices in recent years. Designers are blaming it on the increased cost of raw materials, I am assuming the leather. But that doesn't explain why Stella McCartney's shoes are so expensive, since she uses no leather at all. And why can companies like Tory Burch, DVF and JCrew still make leather shoes for so much less? Although their prices have also gone up - JCrew sells some pony hair flats for $250.

I once sat in a handbag pricing meeting where a few bigwigs present thought our retail prices were just too low. We explained it was cost price and overhead, etc, same formula as always, but still some in the room simply thought the prices felt a bit "cheap". So we upped them. It isn't really shocking, it's just capitalism at its opportunistic best.

The pair of Zara shoes I showed you the other day is actually my first pair of Zara shoes. But I was really pleasantly surprised. I used to feel maybe it was the wrong thing to do, to buy from a company that fairly blatantly knocks off the best designs of the season. But you know what, I am totally over it!!!

Amazingly beautiful shoe by Stella McCartney. Yours for $835.

Such pretty Jimmy Choos.... Yours for $995

Michael Kors contrast beauties. For you just $945.

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  1. totally agree...shoe prices should be much more egalitarian but then I would have to buy bigger shoe cupboards!