Monday, June 30, 2014

Footpath to the Peak

Walking is no hardship in Hong Kong - Findlay Path leads from Barker Road to the Peak.

Alexander Wang mules at Joyce in Pacific Place

Mules are back. They have been for a while and I have been eyeing them a bit suspiciously. But today I saw these Alexander Wangs in the Joyce window and I actually really like them. Maybe it's the upper strap winding around the heel that makes this version different from the old nineties varieties.

Gianvito Rossi seems to be one of the most enthusiastic adopters of the mule for 2014. He does loads of nice ones - I particularly like the nude colored style in the middle, which you can find HERE.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

British Vogue July 2014

British Vogue this month (July 2014) is really good, and I particularly loved this article full of classic clothes for women of all ages. Of course my favorite bit is the Cost Per Wear calculation above, there's nothing like a bit of Vogue sanctioned justification for buying Hermès bags and Chanel jackets.

In February of this year they did a similar story and asked regular women to list what they bought this season and how often they wore these things. Really interesting! The July issue also has an interview with Emmanuelle Alt. Click on photos to enlarge.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

About Beef & Liberty and piss poor moral values

The star of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, with the most gorgeous croc bag on Instagram

I have been exercising like a mad woman. On an average day I am swimming for 90 minutes before I walk from the Mid-Levels up to the Peak. I wonder if I was spurred on to get out of my couch potato rut by the Ladies of London television program. It's a tiny bit contagious seeing all these skinny characters in their perfectly fitting jeans without muffin top, even if they don't know how to spell Louboutin (the hash tag in the photo above, #loboutain, actually has 96 photos in it. Spelling, people!! Is this a cult nickname I am not aware of, has some rap star renamed poor Christian? That's just made me think of my favorite line in a rap song: "[you're] unhappy with your riches 'cause you're piss poor morally", from the song Live Your Life by T.I. featuring Rihanna. How great is that line?! Btw if I had that croc bag I would be soooo pleased with my riches, although possibly still piss poor morally). 

Unfortunately all this exercise is also making me really hungry. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't make more sense to sit really still all day and not feel hungry at all? Would that have the same effect on my waist line? One friend says her local nutritionist told her never to do high impact cardio exactly for that reason. And another friend went to a local dermatologist who told her her skin was not great because she was sweating too much; a regime of horse riding was recommended for exercise instead. Too funny; simply going outside for even 10 seconds in Hong Kong's daily 34 degree heat / 95 % humidity causes me to sweat profusely, I don't see how riding a horse would solve any sweaty skin issues.

the falafel burger at Beef & Liberty

But hey, the cultural differences are what make all this expat living fun, I suppose. For my carb cravings I have been going to Beef & Liberty, an new-ish burger place above Pizza Express on Star Street. I have the falafel burger which is deeelicious. Also really kid friendly. Find it HERE.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sarah Rutson, coolest woman in Hong Kong

You have all heard JCrew arrived in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. I have been there a few times now, and although few things fit me, it is pretty fabulous. Whereas JCrew in America carries predominantly useful every day clothes, in Hong Kong the store is full of the glam stuff, JCrew Collection, and every other embroidered, shiny silky thing they could fit in the small store in the IFC mall (There used to be a McDonald's restaurant in this location funnily enough, but now it's a sleek palace for skinny girls. A friend told me more than a few people on Hong Kong Mums are up in arms about the available sizes, because after all this is an American shop, and why don't they cater to expats as well as skinnier locals. I agree they are not doing themselves any favors by having so many small sizes, not just for us expats, but the whole world is slowly getting fatter, and the people of Hong Kong are no exception).

In other words, JCrew has typecast us as a super glam skinny bunch, but I have to say I love it. I do think Hong Kong has a style all its own, and this shop has totally nailed that style. 

I bumped into to one of the glammest girls I know yesterday, and she was wearing a blue oxford cloth shirt, cut in a tuxedo style. The magazines have been showing such shirts as part of the minimal trend in fashion right now - but in Hong Kong style she accessorized the pared down shirt with big shiny but modern earrings, a colorful belt and a pale grey chain strap bag.

an oxford cloth shirt by Valentino

I think Sarah Rutson, Fashion Director of Lane Crawford, is Hong Kong style's fiercest ambassador - she always makes simple clothes look glam beyond comparison.

Sarah Rutson featured in JCrew's summer Hong Kong catalog.
"Hong Kong is a very slick city; people really like to dress up. Myself included."

Maybe that's because HK has so many of these places - a cocktail before dinner Saturday night at Il Milione (find it HERE) in Hutchison House.

An Amaretto Sour

The perfect HK accessory - a bit modern, a bit of chain detail. I want it.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ladies of London

If the Daily Mail was a tv program, it could very well be Ladies of London. There are posh hotties, social climbing hotties, catfights, and billion dollar divorces. There are also really bad outfits and lots of platform pumps, you know the ones with platforms in front and peep toes. Find it on American itunes. It's really stupid and has little to do with actual London, but it's stupid good fun. One of the personalities is American Caprice Bourret, a former glamour model. It's always intriguing when a non-talking celebrity becomes a talker. I am not sure she would have become a sex symbol if we had gotten to know her earlier. Close your eyes when you hear her speak in episode 3 and I kid you not, it's as if you are listening to an 80-year old granny from Des Moines, Iowa.

Anyway, I was thinking I should do a post on my favorite stylish lady from London, but then I did some research and she is actually Australian in London. How cute is Yasmin Sewell??

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eres swimwear and some other summer favorites

For years I have been reading about Eres swimwear and their special patented fabric - but at those prices I was never tempted to try. Then I ran into this little number at the Lane Crawford outlet in Ap Lei Chau for a third of the price, and I am totally convinced. The fabric is a super thin and soft but yet it doesn't budge, meaning it keeps everything actually where it should be - up rather than down. It's like doing three years of pilates, no joke. I talk about the olden days way too much, but good swim suits used to be like this! I have two indestructible bikinis from LaPerla Aquasuit from many years ago, but lately feeling rather disappointed when I see what is in stores. Cheap fabric everywhere.

Summer is here! Love a bright tote - this is a cheapy from Shenzhen. The lovely linen scarf is from the new collection of Nuan Cashmere. Nuan's owner is a friend - check her out on Facebook.

My fave JDCamicetta happy summer dress helped by some seriously fuzzy filters. Loooove the trickery of Instagram, reality is just so overrated. The JDCamicetta Fiona dress works anywhere for any occasion.

My fave piece of summer jewelry. My mum bought it for me years ago at Swarovski. It's super light, and big and shiny enough so you don't have to wear anything else. There are loads of different colors and shapes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Instant outfit

I don't usually buy whole matching outfits but due to a recent obsession with burnt orange, brick red, watermelon pink, I couldn't help myself and got the whole shebang. My hot swollen toes on the bottom as I stood on the chair to take the picture. There will be more swollen feet in future because the new sandals in pic are a bit snug, but they were just waaaaayyyy too cute to leave in the store. I have been a shopping menace in the last week - feeling guilty and giddily excited in equal measures.
Did you know Hong Kong has just gone on sale?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

DVF Celeste jumpsuit

One of these days there is going to be no one left in Hong Kong. I am going from leaving party to leaving lunch to leaving dinner. That's not exactly why I haven't posted much though. I have been busy making a scrap book for my 11-year old son, a tradition his British school forces on frightened parents every year around this time. This P6 book as it's called has to be scrapped together in an album chosen for us by someone in charge somewhere and it has sixty (60!) pages. I suppose when it will be done (it is not and I am 3 days past the deadline) it will be a lovely memory for my child. In the meantime it is my worst nightmare.

But a little light fashion relief was provided by Martine last night who came to the leaving party in a gorgeous bright red DVF jumpsuit. I love prints in just one color with white, and this red is striking. Her neutral bow clutch is Valentino and was a perfect girly compliment to the jumpsuit.

the straight skinny models just don't do this jumpsuit justice - find this blue version HERE

if you are not as courageous as Martine to wear this one in town, it is a really great little holiday dress - find it HERE.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pleasantly surprised at Kookaï

I went in there the other day with a bit of time to kill before dinner at Cafe Gray, and was really pleasantly surprised at how lovely the clothes were. I haven't been in a Kookaï for 15 years at least, I don't know why, it's just not on my radar I guess. I bought the cream dress, and went back the next day to get the darker version as well. There's a 30 % discount at the moment for HSBC card holders. The dress is entirely silk, can be hand washed and hung to dry, and does not need any ironing. Perfect to take on holiday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Less is more or more is more?

I spend a fair amount every day looking at the blogs of the Céline posse, you know those girls who can wax lyrical about the brand new cuff length on a white cotton shirt (after all, last year it was 5 cm wide and now it is only 4!). But then whenever I get dressed I realize no matter how much, in principle, I admire those white shirt goddesses in their plain jeans and flats, no jewelry whatsoever, clutch bag tucked gracefully under the arm, and their perfectly plain shoulder length hair, I would be bored out of my mind dressing like that.

(And by the way, who in real life carries a large clutch tucked under the arm as a DAY bag - I mean, really, imagine carrying your wallet, make-up, tampons, hairbrush, check book, Advil, wet wipes etc in a giant clutch under your arm all day).

This is how I went out tonight:

DVF blouse
Uniqlo merino wool cardigan worn hanging from shoulders and fastened with a chain
Miu Miu grey clutch
Zara pink suede and pink gold sandals
Isabel Marant shorts
Isabel Marant belt
Cheap fake and not so cheap real bracelets in all colors and sizes

I don't recommend going as crazy as I usually do. After all, that's why people think I am bohemian and quirky rather than conservatively chic! My friend below kept it simple but interesting tonight in a dress cut from an intricate lace laid over a bright watermelon pink. For her jewelry, she stuck to her watch and one bold modern bracelet in gold and white. The effect was really lovely, not too minimal, and not too busy.

Monday, June 2, 2014

In the market for a city summer bag

Something with a bit of structure, and bit of formality to counter the casual clothes one cannot avoid wearing in tropical summer heat. The blue canvas Serapian bag with cream leather is a serious contender. I went to visit the shop a few days ago and On Lan Street is getting more fabulous every minute. Rupert Sanderson and Gianvito Rossi shoes are right across from Mr Serapian's shop and a men's JCrew has opened next door. Missoni is on the way and Louboutin is on the corner with Wellington Street.

Instagram Life

a friend's boat

a friend's boat on Instagram - life on Instagram is so much prettier

We had more perfect weather for the long weekend in Hong Kong. A weekend full of poolside and seaside activities which should be accompanied by Valentino espadrilles, St Barth's style caftans, gold jewelry, and neon bikinis, right? But that's never the case in real life, even in some of the very glam places I found myself this weekend in Hong Kong. I saw lots flip flops and shorts, T-shirts and no jewelry other than the occasional waterproof watch.

Saturday on Stephanie's terrace looking towards Central and the Peak

Still on Stephanie's terrace looking towards Wanchai and Kowloon

Lab Made, an ice cream shop on Brown Street in Tai Hang where they freeze the cream with liquid nitrogen. PS do not have the Bean Curd flavor, but the Crispy Toast ice cream was incomparably delicious.

the quiet charm of Tai Hang in the shadow of glitzy Causeway Bay

Friends took us to Tai Hang for dinner and dessert, a small neighborhood just past Causeway Bay with loads of tiny independent restaurants and coffee shops. Do check it out, this is still a lovely unspoiled little place.