Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling Good and Looking Great

I am well aware that if you are not feeling well, clothes and fashion don't matter all that much. When you are stressed because of your job or because of a sick child, your love of fashion goes right out the window. It's all about priorities - and as a wife and a mum of a six and an eight year-old, there are many days when I couldn't care less about Isabel Marant boots.

At the same time, however, I also know that when I do make an effort to look nice my whole day will be better. There's undoubtedly confidence that comes out when you look your best.

I have been doing lots of I LOVE FASHION posts lately, and I think the reason for that is that I have not felt stressed and that I have generally felt quite well lately. There are two things new things I tried since Christmas that may have had something to do with this.

Waveworks. One of my friends here is Swedish and had often told me about his childhood friend Peter who had an allergy clinic in Sweden. I have always been interested in alternative medicine as a compliment to conventional medicine so when Peter brought a second branch of his clinic to Hong Kong, I was quite eager to try the bio-resonance therapy they practice. Peter became interested in alternative medicine after his father was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and he started studying Chinese medicine. He did acupuncture for a bio-resonance clinic in Sweden, and after some time bought the clinic and Waveworks was born. During my visits the therapist has checked my body for allergies and other intolerances and the presence of metals in my system. Subsequently he has treated me for these intolerances and also used the therapy to give me immune system and energy boosts. I particularly love the detox program and I am feeling really well. Waveworks also sells nutritional supplements and my favorite Doctor's Greens Formula drink mix. It's a delicious vegetable juice and very hard to find in Hong Kong. During my visits the therapists shared a wealth of information about nutrition and exercise. Their enthusiasm is infectious - call 2581 3322 for an appointment and check out

Beverly and Brigitte at The Strand. After 20 years with pretty much the same long unruly hair, Beverly cut it short for me just after Christmas. I think it's a pretty universal feeling for women that if your hair is looking good, everything else after that fashion-wise is a no-brainer. If your hair looks crappy, there's no amount of Prada that could make it better. That's where Beverly comes in. The Strand is a gorgeous oasis and Beverly actually listens to what you want. Far too many hair stylists give you the once over and do what they think is right. Brigitte runs the beauty treatments at The Strand. The vitamin C facial is absolutely delicious. Call 2850 7686 for an appointment or check out

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