Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kiki Niesten in Maastricht

One of the best shops in Holland, Kiki Niesten in the Stokstraat in Maastricht

Lanvin dress

The river Maas

The Bobbel - the cosiest café in town

Lanvin Mary Janes

About Piet Mondriaan and Isabel Marant Étoile

The local train station has chosen these wise words to decorate the walls:

"Convention, a type of memory, is the biggest obstacle to the enjoyment of life and art"
Piet Mondriaan

I took that to mean I should buy shoes I would never usually choose - these very heavily discounted boots by Isabel Marant Étoile.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Almost Five Years Of I Love Fashion

I am five years older, but despite the new wrinkles those years have etched into my face, I thought I looked surprisingly much like my 12-year old self the other day. Maybe it's the hair cut or the goody-two-shoes look in my eyes, or maybe even the freckles on my nose. I suppose after the filters erased all the distractions of age, all that was left is my expression, and maybe that part of our self never changes.

Holland is warm for the time of year, but the skies are beautiful as always.

I bought this J.Crew coat the day before I left Hong Kong, but it is far too warm to wear it. It's surely going to be a favorite though, the fit and fabric are so lovely. Currently on sale in Hong Kong at the IFC mall.

My hands look a hundred years old in this country where even in a mild winter central heating is always present. Makes me realize how lovely tropical humidity works for skin. Two current favorite rings, Claire's Accessories on the left and J.Crew on the right.

The Dutch magazines are full of Imaan Hamman, a Dutch/Maroccan/Egyptian model. She is mesmerizing and her success in the fashion world has made me think of what multiculturalism means today (when the scariest man in America, Donald Trump, may possibly be the next president of the United States).

Sometimes in the past five years I have doubted this medium: a blog on the internet feels positively ancient nowadays. But then today I checked my Instagram (@hendricahubertina) and I had several sponsored messages on my feed, and I thought, maybe the my little old blog is not that bad after all. At least for the past five years you (lovely) readers have never had to deal with advertisements on my site.

Even though this year has been my least diligent year in terms of total amount of posts I still love doing this and I hope to continue I LOVE FASHION for many years to come... because I will always love fashion - that's one tiny little thing in this vast confusing world I actually know for sure.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Alberta Ferretti Windows On Sloane Street

Two days ago the windows were beautifully white, which looked gorgeous with the antique gold of the lamp and the necklace.

And then tonight the three white dresses had been changed to dramatic black - I think these are my favorite windows in London so far.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Christmas From London

London looks light and bright at nighttime - maybe because the sky has been white as snow for a few days now.

Whiter than the white stucco houses in Knightsbridge. By the way, the very British looking vintage car has Russian writing on it. I wonder what it says. Anyone?

Chanel always makes for an attractive holiday display.

Harrods with Brompton Road visible on the right.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Amanda Brooks' Blog Is Back!

I think it's been back for a few months but for some ridiculously strange reason I didn't know until yesterday. It is ridiculously strange when you take into account how obsessively I love Amanda Brooks' books and instagram. I even have stalker thoughts, like how we would be besties the minute we met - yes for real !!%*(@##??!

Here in Hong Kong I have two friends a few houses down who went to uni with Amanda and I constantly ask them questions about her (which I must stop doing). But don't take my word for it - check her out for yourself HERE.

an outfit inspired by Amanda's style

Club Monaco cashmere cardigan
COS wrap skirt (this season)
H&M shirt (this season)
J.Crew shoes
Bag from Shenzhen

What I love about Amanda's country style is that nothing is ever perfectly ironed. She is serene and regal and perfectly ladylike from the inside out, but then in her outside appearance there is often something imperfect that dominates - maybe it's bare feet, a make-up free face, or a pair of dusty shoes. I am so happy her blog is back. I love people who inspire - I imagine that moment when you feel inspiration rouse, thru a little internal leap of joy, a plan that brews up from your belly, a jolt of energy that opens your eyes - I imagine that moment is really healthy, don't you think?

Hong Kong Is Massively On Sale

and Miu Miu had the best shoes this season - go quick before they're all gone!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Super Woman Christmas

Martine is a very successful lawyer with four daughters, and also the best dressed woman I have ever met. When I don't know what to wear, I almost always imagine what Martine would pick. Tonight she wore a dress by the Row with a beautiful low back.

Gigi and I had another Shoe-Off and once again Gigi won

The hostess apologized for not wearing new shoes - but who needs new shoes when you have THOSE crystal encrusted Louboutins. No finer shoes will ever be made.

It's been quiet around town all week - view from Kennedy Road

Best dressed guest - this beautiful girl is amazing!  She wore that stunning white skirt and then added another pattern with the black lace top. What an eye for style. Most people would have chosen a plain top, but it is the combination of the two patterns that makes her outfit so spectacular. She was also drop dead gorgeous by the way, and an independent fundraiser for the movie industry.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Party Season

Enough about cold weather dressing, it's the Christmas Party Season! 
Tonight I will attempt to beat little Gigi in our annual Shoe-Off at her parents' Christmas party. I have been reliably informed Gigi is going for all-out sparkle tonight. Stay tuned for a full report of the evening's shoes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is It Possible To Look Good In Cold And Rain?

And the answer is: no, instead stay inside the house, wear a cosy jumper over ankle pants and put your bare feet into some very cute shoes. At least, that's how my favorite catalogue company (along with every online site under the sun) dresses its models for winter.

I am no stranger to dressing without tights or socks even in the harshest New York City winter days. When I worked at Kate Spade we had a rather specific dress code, and socks or tights were not part of that. I would wear boots from West 77th Street on the N/R train down to 28th, and in a dark corner of the lobby I would change my boots for some cute flats and go to work. And why not, I never wear socks at home either, so I quite liked it. That office was full of super cute girls in very cute outfits, and winter was never going to put a damper on the bright young spirit of early Kate Spade.

But I digress. The reason I am thinking about this is because I will be spending a week in London soon, and I don't want to sit around the house, I want to walk around town and be outside even when it rains. And I guess in my ideal vision my outfit will be super cosy and protect me from the elements, and at the same time it will demand instant respect from the staff at Browns and Dover Street Market (Ha!) Can it be done? What do you think? I certainly don't have the wardrobe for it, after living in Hong Kong for the last seven years.

This is what I would love to wear, but then it has to be dry in London in December... which is not so likely.

J.Crew Collection herringbone coat with jeweled collar
J.Crew navy cashmere turtle neck jumper
Zara jeans
E'clat boots bought from Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong*

* in my personal opinion a terribly overpriced store, their shoe department is particularly guilty of selling middle-of-the-road reasonable quality shoes for very posh high end prices - so at 50 per cent off these were still the same price you would buy them for in Europe - I guess that makes me the sucker, but I do really like them and wore them a lot last winter.