Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Awesome view from Exchange Square

you have to click on this after you find the biggest screen in your house

a lunch so close to IFC has to be followed by a peek in J.Crew - and it did not disappoint - what is disappointing is that I bought that jacket in a brighter pink version last season, and now I like this one even better

On this lazy day of summer I read an article about Winona Ryder in New York Magazine, and immediately after re-watched Reality Bites, a movie directed by Ben Stiller in 1994 about twenty-something Gen Xers and their first world problems.  It's made me nostalgic for the year I was 26, without much of a worry at all, going to work every day, walking to the 72nd Street subway station on cold sunny winter days, convinced that life was never going to be as perfect as right there in my very own footsteps on top of New York city pavement. 

Thankfully I have had that thought again quite a few times.  Standing on a rock halfway between the Gornergrat and the Riffelberg in Zermatt, overlooking the glacier of the Monta Rosa;  or driving down from the Peak in my red Mini on a really clear Hong Kong day, catching the first glimpse of the city below.  Come to think of it, this kind of exhilaration often follows confrontation with overwhelming scenic or urban beauty.  Maybe it's not time that heals all wounds, maybe it's a room with a view.

Monday, August 8, 2016

I am quite fond of this pink Givenchy space bag

Is it a space bag, or a Batgirl bag?  If it weren't for Brexit, I would have very much considered a purchase. 
As it is important the economy doesn't further collapse due to my purchasing-ban, I hope you lovely readers who are not affected by the devastating collapse of the Pound will go ahead and check it out.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Chanel Inspired Casual (Ish) Summer Night City

Chanel classic quilted lambskin bag from 1994
Pearl necklace from the Jade Market in Hong Kong
Gold necklace is old Lanvin
Brooch with black sequins is ancient and from the Gap
Gunmetal necklace is DIY gathered from a Stella McCartney Falabella bag (see HERE)
COS T-shirt (find it HERE)
AG jeans (find them HERE)
Aquazzura Amazon sandals (find them HERE)