Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's almost shirtdress season! Happy New Year!

Thank you dear I LOVE FASHION readers, thank you for reading my blog. 

I wish you all a very healthy and special 2015.

My old friend Craig always insisted that one cannot start a new year without some serious resolutions. So here I go, I figured if I share them it'll be more likely I will stick to them.

1)  I will swim a kilometer freestyle in 20 minutes.

2)  I will make more of an effort on Facebook. I have realized once you join, you can't really just be absent - it's not fair to the nice people who always like and comment on your posts. You have got to be there when they post their things as well. Facebook is a place to be kind, without an agenda, and to appreciate your friends. I have been too lazy about that.

3) Start a retail website for my clothes.

4) I am going to travel more in the region. Melbourne is my next stop, and then I'd like to see Vietnam. A Facebook friend has been posting inspiring photos of Myanmar this week as well.

 excited for shirt dress season to start after I bought a new belt for Christmas

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!  Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

On our last day in Holland we are surprised by a snowstorm...

view from my parents' house at 10 AM - no filter, it really seemed as if the world had turned black and white

nothing much to do in such weather, so we have decided to try some of the older juice in dad's wine collection - 1966, year of the horse

and some more - I love the old labels - the raised gold letters of the Spanish Vega-Sicilia is particularly lovely

Vega-Sicilia from Spain

Trying out this new spring polish from the HEMA as well, as it will be perfect spring weather in Hong Kong when we arrive home on Monday morning - I am doing a blue nail with a pink French edge.  HEMA has been sold to a foreign company - at the risk of sounding like a xenophobe, I am not sure about a HEMA without the nerdy oddness of the Dutch.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Silk Button Downs with Jeans for Christmas - J.Crew, Vanessa Bruno, and DVF

I never wear sweaters much indoors while in Europe. The houses are all so well heated that woolly knits indoors are stifling. Jessica Joffe, stylist at DVF, and star of the House of DVF reality show, wore a simple silk button down with jeans and flats on TV while I was packing my suitcase, which inspired me to throw in a few silk shirts at the last moment. This pink shirt is J.Crew.

I have worn little else while I have been here actually. With sparkly flats and dark jeans, it's been comfortable and dressy at the same time. I think people always look best when they are comfortable in what they are wearing, but that doesn't mean the clothes can't be a bit dressy at the same time. Silk is super comfortable to wear and easy to wash in cold water and Woolite if you take it on a trip. This washed silk shirt is Vanessa Bruno Athé and it's probably my favorite, although ironing washed silk is a real b****. 

This is the same style of shirt (although in a different print) Jessica wore in the DVF episode I watched and it is the most comfortable thing ever. DVF crepe silk feels like her jersey, it seems like it has a tiny bit of stretch in it, although that is not the case, it's simply an effect of the crepe weave of the fabric. There are plenty of these shirts on sale at DVF at the moment.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Here's to hoping there will be some Chanel under all our trees!
Melbourne Fashion Girl wears it well - Chanel Cruise 2014/15 bag

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A few of my favourite spots in London

Leadenhall Market is a beautiful spot to have a drink and a snack on a cold winter's afternoon.

Gail's Bakery - I have not eaten this much bread in years.

This brioche-like treat was the best thing I ate during our visit - find Gail's Artisan Bakery HERE

In my old neighborhood I looked at fabrics in Osborne and Little - their tree was gorgeous! Just lights and pine cones dipped in colored glitter. Such a lovely idea - find Osborne and Little HERE.

Across the street I paid a nostalgic visit to Designer's Guild - find them HERE.

Our favourite neighborhood restaurant is still there - Eight Over Eight

Harrods was magical on this visit. Brits like to say only tourists shop at Harrods, and that may be true but the stock is so truly exceptional that it's probably a good thing we don't have to share it with anyone else. I am always impressed with the many exclusive styles and colors Harrods manages to buy from its vendors - there are always things here you will never find anywhere else.

Shoe Heaven, the shoe department on the fifth floor.

So much Chanel...

I love an entire cashmere heather grey outfit with a neon pink shoe.

The King's Road, late afternoon on our last day. Goodbye London, I hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peace on earth this Christmas is unlikely if you don't get me something gorgeous from Harvey Nichols


an early morning walk in Green Park

St Paul's in the distance

somewhere off Bond Street

a stunning desk at Paul Smith

my favourite food shop in the world - Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill

Anya Hindmarch's handbag stickers - Ledbury Road is reflected in the window

it is at once incredibly comforting and disturbing that Emma Hope's shoes are exactly the same as they were 10 years ago

Joseph shops are everywhere in Notting Hill and Chelsea

we looked at many flats to buy in 1999 - a two-bedroom used to be around £350,000 in those days around Holland Park or Notting Hill - we thought that was sooooo outrageous that we decided to pay rent instead for the next 10 years... look at the garden apartment advertised above - we were clearly idiots

our flat on Kensington Park Gardens

the kitschy antique shops on Kensington Church Street between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street

I love how shops with glitzy lights are not necessarily glitzy shops in England - in Hong Kong a shop with chandeliers would be made of marble - its customers would expect that, rather than a rickety drafty door with an old fashioned bell to announce the customer's arrival to the shop's tweed-clad, frazzled but passionate owner...

Sunday, December 14, 2014


first stop Surrey - icy cold sunshine

no country house is complete without a proper drinks cabinet

I love discovering other people's art - this one is from Martha's Vineyard

I love a host who goes through the trouble to make yorkies - thanks Tom and Chris for a fabulous weekend - we love you guys

on to Central London - Brompton Road at night

our flat at Cheval Place

Scandinavian wood meets flowers and tweed

the master is so deliciously girly

marble and copper

selfie with loo roll
Michelle from JCrew I love my cardigan! Water rnelon delight

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Parisian Christmas at the Landmark in Hong Kong, designed by Ines de la Fressange

coffee at Café Ines

Rushing home on the Metro

a fashion exhibition

a huuuuuuge tree

Ines inspired me to stop at the Roger Vivier shop on the second floor - her eclectic interior designs for the shop are so lovely - and the shoes were pretty fabulous too. But I contained myself.