Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss Mix-a-Lot

My daughter hurried into the school book shop this morning anxiously looking for me, worried I might again not look like one of the pretty mommies. At the last moment I had thrown some bracelet bling on this morning, so I think she was relieved I had made a slight effort. But the combo of JDCamicetta dress tucked into those same old H&M pants was a disappointment. Just not enough pink in there. Good thing I did not also add the third pattern on top.

With all the mixing of prints out there in fashion land, I am loving getting dressed. There are very few prints I don't like and ten years in London have gotten my eye used to crazy color and style combinations. I also like that jacket with the blue print top. And I love the blue print top with the yellow stripy shorts. And well, the yellow stripy shorts are totally cute with dotted top and animal print cardi. No one needs to spend any money this season! Just dump the contents of your wardrobe on the bed and pick random items and combine. Anything goes. Add some colorful junky jewelry and done!

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