Sunday, April 30, 2017

Casual Sunday: 30 April 2017

Pink heather sweatshirt Isabel Marant √Čtoile
Black jeans with zips Zara
Shoes Chanel
Ring on a string, ring J.Crew and string Cartier

Thursday, April 27, 2017

War is Poppycock

An old canvas cheapy from Shenzhen gets a make-over with buttons from the V&A.

Is this the most contrived trend since the half tuck?

The off-one-shoulder-only shirt at Joseph on Brompton Cross, London.

Even the Bijenkorf in Holland gets in on the act with an illustration of that ubiquitous Self Portrait dress.
For true off-the-shoulder nonchalance, google "kate moss yellow vintage dress".

My new favorite color: Spring Green

a motorway in Holland

a country road in Holland

Every time I am there I wonder again how Holland is one of the most densely populated countries in the world when it is so beautifully empty everywhere I go. 

I could just google it, but in another installment of olden-days-wistfulness I refuse to. Have you ever sat around the table with great friends discussing things you don't know much about, your powers of deduction-slash-speculation heightened by a few bottles of wine? I remember many such nights spent with good friends in Fire Island some years ago, everyone contributing a whole bunch of nonsense until late in the night over much laughter and competitiveness.

Nowadays someone whips out an iphone at record speed. Not nearly as much fun. 

Spring green, so beautiful, right?