Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New China

Everything is brand spanking new in the new China. Even antique books are brand new. As is the 1966 Dom Perignon. Fascinating visit to the mainland yesterday. Beyond intriguing to see what all that new money is spent on....

Goods falling of the back of the truck? No just being sold off the back of a truck.

Shiny golden treasures of the sea, anyone?

No house is complete without a giant poodle

or some gnomes from a far away land

A faux antique telephone with golden dial AND digital screen. Antique does not have to mean inconvenient.

Keeping up with the Joneses - my pots are so much bigger than yours

Some deliciously juicy plastic fruit

Silk satin ceiling swag - plaster is soooo last year

I have to admit I love Mr and Mrs Frog. Had I not spent all my money on fake lavender, I would have bought these beauties.

Every house needs a fully stocked library of plastic faux books. Striking how popular the Cinderella story is for the library. Should a pesky visitor try to open one of your books, ring the dinner bell with great urgency.

All of this in shiny retail paradise

Last but not least, me and my new dog Rover. So easy and so loyal.

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