Monday, September 28, 2015

Window Shopping: Pretty Dress At Sandro

I loved this sweet but sporty lace dress at Sandro. 

(It took me a while but I suddenly remembered what it reminded me of. When I was about 17, I had this tracksuit made by Johan Cruyff Sports, Johan being Holland's best football player ever. One of my parents' friends ran the company and I think we got a good deal on it. The first time I wore it was at a team tennis match against a neighboring town. The other girl on my team, very pretty, stylish, and bitchy, virtually immediately announced that tracksuit was butt ugly). 

I think this dress would be even better with some crazy mismatched accessories - why not add some more (but different) stripes in a roughly matching color palette.

And then some shoes with a little bit of sweetness and edge, but make sure they are flat to keep it easy and relaxed. 

(I proudly kept wearing the tracksuit. For as long as I can remember I never wanted to look like everyone else and I took great pleasure in ignoring my pretty teammate's pronouncements).

Dream Dream Dream

I really love this bag. But I worry that I would be sick of it very soon, that it's already overexposed. Or will it be a classic that people will search for on for many years to come?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Plaid and Stripes - Chanel, J.Crew, Point Sur Denim, and JDCamicetta

My 3rd and final submission for JCrew's #shinyponies contest. I have never wanted to win something so badly. See my other submissions on Instagram @hendricahubertina. J.Crew suede Elsie pumps. 

Silk and cotton, casual and dressy.
Point Sur Denim jeans
Chanel bag
J.Crew shirt
JDCamicetta silk top

Volume All The Way At Lane Crawford

Hong Kong has been full of energy this week. Maybe it's excitement for the Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend, or maybe just because of the glorious blue skies we've had above. In any event, the Mid-Autumn Festival signifies the beginning of proper Fall dressing in Hong Kong, and visual merchandizers all around town are putting on the ritz. 

At Lane Crawford there is lots of volume on display, and these big skirts and jumper-like woven tops look so exciting suddenly even though I was alive in the 80s during the heyday of the Japanese designers in Paris. After all, the 80s are 30 years ago and I think I am quite ready for a little revisit. By a revisit I mean to marvel at it all - actually wearing all-over volume is something altogether less likely.

See what I mean? The town feels positively electric this week.

And then there's the blue sky - exiting the Cross Harbour Tunnel into Causeway Bay.

I am trying some volume for myself with these navy culottes from COS, but not stepping too far away from my comfort zone by adding a favorite silk stripy top and the highest of Aquazzura heels. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I have entered the JCrew #shinyponies contest with this picture. What do you think? A few hours after I posted it I got a notification that my 10-year old daughter had given me a shout-out on JCrew's instagram. Totally heartwarming mum stuff...

Monday, September 21, 2015

I Want To Be A Ghesquière Girl

I loved this little black Catherine Deneuve dress at Zara - in stores now
Anine Bing jacket - find it HERE
Louis Vuitton shoes - in stores now

Friday, September 18, 2015

An Evening at Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Otto e Mezzo

Louis Vuitton debuted a colorful line of monogram bags last night at a cocktail party in the Pedder Street store.

Nicholas Ghesquière's version of a tweed suit is unlike anything I have ever seen. His clothes have this sweetness that I love, but with multiple contrasting details to discover on every garment - yet nothing ever looks like it was simply stuck on. The result is always perfectly harmonious and suddenly you think Coco Chanel missed a trick because she never added ridged leather panels to the shoulders of her tweed jackets. It is no wonder that Sarah Mower's review of Louis Vuitton's Fall 2015 show was gushingly positive (see and read it HERE).

My friend wears it well.

After a few glasses of champagne the stairs which seem to have a video of rough seas underneath become rather daunting to navigate. Although there are few things those Elsie pumps cannot handle.

But it does not end with champagne. At a Dolce & Gabbana menswear event just around the corner the gin cocktails could grow the manliest of hair on any lady's chest. I am admiring the drinks trolley and think my husband would love this thing.

Crackers and caviar are not going to mop up the alcohol in my belly, although everything is delicious.

I hope that one day I will see a man out in real life with this hand painted dinner jacket. It is heartbreakingly exquisite and I know that man and I would get along.

The most beautiful girl of the evening is Jamie - she wears a stunning long navy and black skirt, and her jacket and rings add just the perfect amount of weight to the delicate prettiness of her face. Kind Dolce & Gabbana aficionado David next to her works with Pernelle, the Italian handbag company which has recently named Romeo Gigli as their creative director.

I am the only Dutch person who does not like cheese, but this display right next to our table in the bar of Otto e Mezzo is stunning and it makes me a tiny bit curious about the flavors of all these odd looking lumps of dairy. We finish off the evening with lamb pappardelle and pinot noir. I so very much love fashion ♡

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hey Ladies In The Place I'm Callin' Out To Ya

My husband's super delicious Sunday lunch salad got me in the mood for red

I think more girls should wear red

Hey ladies!

Super baggy khakis, a fitted top and some ladylike slingbacks

Dolce and Gabbana snake slingbacks (from Harrods around 2006 I think)
J.Crew oversized trousers
COS wool jumper
Zara necklace

Saturday, September 12, 2015


I think I'd take a good piece of costume jewelry over a diamond anytime. A new J.Crew trinket always makes my day. I bought a shirt at J.Crew the other day (Michelle and Cathy, I missed you both!) and really loved the bracelet with industrial clip as closure. It inspired me to do my final wardrobe clean up project, the jewelry drawers, and being reminded of everything I have is making me giddy with Marie Kondo style joy.

The snake coil bracelet on the left in gold and rhinestone was a dirt cheap (20 RMB) purchase in Shenzhen, but looks so chic with a grey jumper.  The big silver link bracelet on the bottom is from Intermix on Robertson Boulevard, during a girls trip to LA a few years ago. The navy and gunmetal triple coil bracelet to the left of that was a favorite birthday present from a few years ago.

This is the box with my fanciest bits. The Lanvin mesh bracelet with pearl cross is so incredibly stunning on. The gold and gunmetal squares bracelet top left was picked out by gorgeous Emma W. for a birthday 4 years ago. My mum bought me the Prada bracelet that is actually a device to hold up your jumper sleeves.

And then some bangle shapes, I love the Tory Burch hexagon shape top left.


Friday, September 11, 2015

The Shoes Of Book Club

Fiona in Sain Laurent - Niecey in Topshop jeans and Zara shoes (I wish I had spotted those!)

Larisa in JBrand and Aquazzura flats

Sarah in Fendi slingbacks

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Feeling Exuberant About My New Old Peter Pilotto Skirt

I want to come back to lessons learned from my wardrobe clean up for a minute. One thing I heard recently was quite interesting: if you are contemplating buying something, ask yourself whether you would immediately wear it out tonight. If the answer is no, don't buy it.

A Peter Pilotto skirt from the Lane Crawford Outlet, Uniqlo shirt, Zara shoes

I thought of that when I considered this skirt at the Lane Crawford Outlet in Ap Lei Chau - and my answer was yes! because I was due to go out for drinks at the Upper House later that night, so that was a lucky coincidence. But occasion dressing aside, I think the question is a worthwhile ask, because if there are certain things about an outfit you are not entirely sure about, you wouldn't wear it right away. You'd put it in your wardrobe thinking your will find the perfect shoes to wear with it sometime in the future.