Friday, August 31, 2012

Kanye doesn't like Kim's clothes

Kanye West loves Kim Kardashian. He is so in love with her, he even wrote a song about it. But her clothes have got to go. And you lucky people can buy Kimmie's discarded clothes on ebay right HERE.

The lot includes Lanvin dresses, a simple black Altuzarra sheath too, a Gucci peacoat, some Helmut Lang, a lovely pair of Camilla Skovgaard heels. There is utter junk as well, but it's actually surprised me to know that Kim ever wore a Lanvin dress. 

Kleren maken the man - Dutch for clothes make the man, as I have said before in this blog, simply does not apply to Kim. No matter what Kim wears, she is Kim Kardashian, the girl with the big butt and big boobs with the glossy hair and the even glossier make-up. So Kanye can throw out all of her clothes, and buy her a whole closet full of new stuff. But there is not a Jil Sander pantsuit in the world that could make her look any different. Kimmie is always going to look just like Kim Kardashian. And she is pretty gorgeous as she is. So my advice to Kim is to dump the controlling jerk and just do what you have always done.

Kim tries on fashion-editor approved Givenchy boot of the moment. But still she looks like Kim.

Kanye's own shoes and a dress which may have fashion pedigree, but is incredibly ill-fitting.

Baggy leather pants, another look of the moment and even her make-up is toned down. But no mistaking this girl for anyone but Kim K.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bananarama Pants

Look I got myself some baggy butt Bananarama pants!!! Best pants ever. Washed a million times it seems, so soft and so comfy. Can never go back to skinnies again! Current Elliott Boyfriend jeans. Slip dress worn as a cami by JDCamicetta.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have seen the future and it is scary

Came across this very scary space suit on today. It's a combo of bicycling shorts attached to a body suit which does not cover the boobs, instead it is cut to reveal a push-up bra underneath. I might skip this new look. Maybe this is more of the PMS talking, but why don't men feel the need to wear suits like this? They're just happily showing off their beer guts and muffin tops all around town. I am tempted to stage a 70s style bra burning event. Although burning these sort of synthetic suits is hardly going help Hong Kong pollution levels.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Carine Roitfeld was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue for 10 years. Then she was suddenly replaced - the magazine went on under the leadership of Emmanuelle Alt and has reinvented their website, which is one of my fave fashion sites (

Carine is busy working on a new mag, which has her name. It will be the CR Fashion Book. It's supposed to come out next month so Carine is doing the interview circuit, and I have just read this one in US Harper's Bazaar.

And I quote (in a verry evvy French accent):

"I'm using new people, so I'm going to fight to make them stars. It's very risky. I like to take risks. It's very exciting in a way. It's a bit Steve Jobs, no? Each day is a new challenge to find the model, the photographer, the money, the location, you know?"

Seriously, that 's why I hate fashion. Recession is hard. Fighting cancer is hard. Landing on the moon is hard. It is NOT hard to find models or photographers or locations. It's not hard like, say, developing the ipad? Aya! She is obviously a very successful editor and it's very likely that I am suffering from a hazardous case of PMS, and who knows, maybe she winked when she said it - but I would still like it very much if that woman would just stop talking.

This on the other hand is what I love about fashion. People who make beautiful things without a big old fuss about how hard it all is.

ring by Brooke Gregson on

Raf Simons' couture collection for Christian Dior at

Anndra Neen bracelet at

dress by Dries van Noten at

Sunday, August 26, 2012

apple & pie children's shoe store

Lavender sneakers from Bisgaard

There is a new kids' shoe store in town. It is divine. Sizes go up to 39 and even bigger for school shoes. The colors are gorgeous not garish. The quality and comfort of all their brands far surpasses anything I have seen in Hong Kong. Started by two expat moms, this is a store that you will gladly visit Aberdeen for. The shop in the One Island South building is so beautifully designed and decorated, it's a pleasure spending time in there. The parking spots are huge and the parking area is spotless. Drive straight up to level 2 to park and you will easily find apple & pie in unit 206. I know where I will be going from now on. See for more information.

Seating in the shape of apples - kids' play area in the back

my daughter's choice

a bright red anglepoise lamp watches over the wellies

something for the boys...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prince Harry's Privates

I suspect Prince Harry's privates are glorious. But that's not what I want to write about, that was just a cheap trick to get you to read this post. Can you say what was the best meal you ever had up until now? I have been reading Heat by Bill Buford, a journalist who goes to work for Mario Batali (in his restaurant Babbo) to do a story, and then enjoys it so much that he stays on and ends up as a butcher's apprentice in Italy. The endless descriptions of glorious Italian food have made me remember an Italian meal I once had on a fast train from Florence to Milan. I was working for Burberry and took the 3 hour trip with our glamorous consultant designer Giovanni, and with Valerie, the Product Development Manager. We had a very simply meal of pork sliced from a roulade, boiled potatoes, roasted fennel and gravy. I suppose I was tired and ravenous, so that may have added to the enjoyment, but that simple meal in the surprisingly nicely lit restaurant car is one of the standout meals of my life.

Tonight will be high on the list for best drinks ever - that's because we stopped off at Otto e Mezzo for cocktails before the Beach Boys show at the Convention Center. Witness their marvelous negroni above.

This all has very little to do with fashion so I will add a gratuitous picture of me in my current favorite chambray shirt. There are very few items of clothing more useful than a good chambray shirt.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wearing your pantoffels on the street

I adore these Stubbs & Wootton velvet slippers. But how not to look like Hugh Hefner in them?? I was thinking I'll wear them with these perfectly faded lightweight Zara jeans and my husband's Brooks Brothers button-down or maybe my son's stripy Zara Boys shirt...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tom Ford lips and some 1983 nostalgia

Tom Ford's lipstick is fabulous. I got one as a gift a while ago (thanks J), and it's the best lipstick I have ever worn. It's on the top of my shopping list for an upcoming trip to Los Angeles, since it's not available in Hong Kong. I suppose I could order it online (see for info) and then have it shipped through a US based forwarder (check out for such a service) but I'd much prefer to sample some at the Neiman Marcus counter on Wilshire Boulevard. If you think full cover highly pigmented lipstick is a bit old fashioned, you'll be surprised to see how velvety and creamy it is at the same time. This is not the stark matte red French look. It's effect is more like in the pics below. Really soft and touchable. After 10 years of sparkly transparent gloss, I am loving the feel of this product. But if you can't do without the gloss, Tom Ford has of course made that too.

lipstick in Paris Vogue 1983

lipstick in Paris Vogue 1983

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Emmanuelle's September covers are too beautiful for words

pictures from

The 3 French Vogue covers for the September 2012 issue are all drop dead gorgeous. Hardly any distractions, just black on grey and 3 super models, Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Lara Stone. The last cover (with blonde Lara) is my favorite. I cannot wait to read it.
September's Vanity Fair has a fascinating interview with John Fairchild, the founder of W Magazine, but now long retired from the company. The article describes his fondness for pitting editors (and other fashion players) against each other to start feuds and finagle juicy headlines. I have no such intention but do want to say that this is what Vogue should look like. Models and style. No celebrities or gimmicky headlines like on the less successful cover below. And the world could really do without fish tail mermaid ball gowns.

Blue and Ochre Water Color

picture taken from Vogue magazine

September US Vogue was a disappointment to me. I look forward to the September issue - Fall is by far the most interesting fashion season because you wear so many clothes in the cold. This one is so full of dull brown, grey and other murky colored advertisements, I could have done without 900 of its 916 pages. The above image of a Francesco Clemente water color painting serving as background for some colorful brooches was the only thing that made me pause. Ochre and blue are beautiful together and the David Webb beetle brooch reminds me of the wonderful light blue top and Delfina Delettrez pin that Shala Monroque wore at the Paris haute couture shows.

collage by hendrica on

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspired by W Magazine

This girl has such a pretty dreamy and bohemian face - what surprised me about this picture is the big white round earring, which is like something Joan Rivers would wear. But somehow it's perfect on this girl.

Charlize looks amazing in this heavy metallic eye make-up. And that lip color..... 

Styled by Giovanna Battaglia, I love how the necklace in the middle frames the neckline of her leather top. And the arm of the girl on the left, well, that's just the nicest arm I have ever seen. All pictures taken from W Magazine.

Reading W always reminds me of the early days in New York just after graduation from Drew. Visiting young Kimberly in the Fairchild offices admiring her DNR cover with socks on the billiards table. Then FIT and working with the most amazing Swiss girl ever (yes you, Muriel) at Kate Spade. Discovering the butt enhancing properties of Joseph pants. If you wonder where the nostalgia is coming from I have just realized my 20-year reunion is coming up - and I mean university, not high school.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to wear brogues

all pictures from

Olivia Palermo, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Jessica Hart and Katie Holmes all look super cute in their brogues. First because they are young and second because they have not felt the need to wear androgynous clothes with their boyish shoes. Don't wear them with tailored trousers as some of us might have in the late eighties... PS it's hard to find a picture of Taylor Swift without brogues. That girl has really come into her own style. Super cute dare I say...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No alcohol branded clothing allowed

"no alcohol branded clothing allowed" at the Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak (Bali)

Potato Head - a fun but gimmicky beach club/bar/restaurant kitted out in 70s Danish style furniture

Good thing I wore my JDCamicetta dress (Fiona in silk satin) around Seminyak (Bali) today. After just yesterday writing about the prevalence of men in wife beaters with the Bintang beer logo, I had lunch at the Potato Head Beach Club today, where the entrance sign forbids alcohol branded clothing. That reminded me of the early 2000s when lots of London pubs had signs forbidding Burberry baseball caps (remember it here).

 If it isn't clear yet... I am on a personal traveling quest to prove to you girls that JDCamicetta is perfect and appropriate all around the world :). Stay tuned for Tokyo and Los Angeles in the next 2 months...