Thursday, March 1, 2012


In fashion, staples mean different things to different people. A friend told me yesterday she would never ever buy a black bag, she'd much rather have a colorful bag as a daily staple. But I think most people go with the black or brown bag, thinking they will be able to wear it with anything.

I would love to put an end to this nonsense.

If you love brown or black, fine. But if you secretly covet the orange but go for the brown because it's a better investment, then stop that right now!!! Most of us have very little color in our wardrobes - from what I see around me, denim, grey and black reign even here in Hong Kong. So when it comes to accessories, pick the things you love instinctively and wear them every single day. I Love Fashion's friend Melbourne Fashion Girl sent a picture of her 3 favorite boots....

.... and clearly none of these are conventional staples. All sparkle or color, but if you think of it, this works so much better with jeans and a white shirt or grey cashmere jumper than a basic black or brown shoe. These shoes actually bring your clothes staples to life.

What a difference a day makes, girls!!!! Its spring in Hong Kong, so go into your closet and pick out something lime green!

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