Saturday, January 11, 2014

Two blush pink bags

Givenchy Antigona bag on left (buy it HERE) , and Tod's D-Cube bag on right (buy it HERE)

Two more or less blush pink bags, roughly the same size, both pretty ladylike. Yet why do I think the Givenchy bag will make me look like an in-the-know cool girl whereas the Tod's bag is going to make me look like an unfamous version of Liz Hurley on a shopping jaunt with a Elton John and a poodle. If you asked a girl from Mars what's the difference, she probably couldn't tell you, so why does each bag evoke such totally different emotions?

I suppose it's all about what you want to be. If you want to be a young lady from a grand Italian family, or if you want to be make-up free goody-two-shoes like Gwyneth,  or a perennial tight white jeans wearing buddy of Elton John, then Tod's would work for you. But if you are over 35, feeling a bit like a dowdy school mum and want to feel a bit cooler, then Givenchy would be the way to go. 

It's making me think of the power of advertising and the final season of Mad Men, coming up on Sunday, April 13, in the US. In Mad Men terms, for me the Antigona bag would be Roger Sterling, and the D-Cube bag would be Ted Chaough - even though they are just two blush pink handbags. I know everyone has their own personal feelings about this, and if you feel strongly, I would greatly appreciate it if you leave me a comment.

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