Monday, January 20, 2014


Some days go by when you just do what you have to, go to work, bring your kids to school, do the grocery shopping, fill out your tax forms. And then on other days something gives you an impetus to spend your day with urgency, purpose, or uncontrollable delight over even the simplest of pleasures.

I have done this blog for three years this month, and still often struggle to define a purpose for it (other than the fact that I love doing it). As I was wondering this morning how pathetic on a scale of 1-10 it would be to once again put my skinniest picture ever on this anniversary post, I suddenly thought of the word impetus. It is a beautiful word, and I was reminded of it when I re-watched the movie Working Girl the other day - evil boss Sigourney Weaver is asked to reveal the impetus behind her stolen idea, and is exposed as the fraud she is.

With this blog I'd like to be an impetus sometimes. If once in a while a photo I took, or something I wrote makes you walk through your day with a brand new idea, a resolution, or a giggle... well that's a pretty decent purpose... 

It may now be time for a big awkward pause after so much neediness exposed. I wonder if any psychologists read this blog? I bet I have given you lot a whole new impetus! Guilt ridden fashion blogger hopes in vain the shallow message she spreads can in some way do good in a world where millions have no clean water to drink. Yikes (a really big one). Let's just go back to pictures without words - here are (without any connection to this text whatsoever) my dream house in the city, and my dream house in the country. Both in England of course.

I don't ask for much

weekends in the country to rest from the heavy burden of living in Chelsea's prettiest garden square

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