Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A divine plate of turkey and some birthday champagne

This may not be the best picture I have ever put on the blog - but if you can get to Cafe Gray before this dish is off the lunch menu, I say run, don't walk. Go right now in fact. An extremely delicious dish of turkey with red cabbage and stuffing - I suppose I should have taken the picture before I attacked my plate, but I couldn't help myself. Best plate of food since Chrissy.

You know you've had a long lunch when you look outside the 49th floor bathroom window and, A) you get an extreme case of champagne induced vertigo and, B) it is dark outside.

The staff at Cafe Gray are brilliant.

Hello!!!  Best dressed girl of the day - the soft colors of those beautiful Pomellato rings against the saturated pink of her jacket. Just perfect.

My Serapian bag looked very much at home on top of the glam bar.

More from my pink jacketed friend. We all swooned over the metallic leather of her bag, and her sparkly shoes are positively the happiest shoes I have seen in a very long time.

Time to open the pressies!! Stunning Dior compact.

My Prada bracelet stunner - thanks mum for my very gorgeous present!!

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