Monday, March 3, 2014

Zara Céline Sandals

When I needed a file name for this photo I instantly typed zaracelinesandal.jpeg. The are really cute, they cost HK $699, they have a very manageable heel, and I want to buy them. But my philosophical side often wonders how this is different from buying a fake bag in Shenzhen. Zara's sandal may be slightly different from Céline's because it has to be, but it very much has the same spirit - the silver chunky heel, the thick natural leather sole, the raw edged leather without stitching, it has all very much been inspired by Céline. I suppose only very few people in the world regularly spend HK $7,000 for a pair of sandals, so maybe Céline's sales aren't really going to be badly affected by this product because their customer is so different. On other hand, if I take myself as a sample case - I have bought real Céline sandals before, but I am quite tempted to try these to stop myself from being tempted to buy the real/expensive ones... So I could be one customer lost this season. Hhhhmmmm, it may not be exactly like Shenzhen, but it's getting awfully close sometimes.

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