Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tang Tang Tang Tang on Johnston Road in Wanchai

I finally discovered where David Tang's new store Tang Tang Tang Tang is - right below The Pawn restaurant in Wanchai (David Tang is the owner of Shanghai Tang stores). Read more at It is such a beautifully eclectic store, antique British silver mixes with modern toaster ovens, and everywhere you look is something you didn't think you needed - until you see Tang's version. 
A few weeks ago I was having lunch at Cipriani with some friends, and David Tang came in lighting up the room with infectious smiles and exuberance. When I was inside Tang Tang Tang Tang on Saturday it occurred to me that is exactly what this shop is all about - David Tang's smiles and exuberance. There are very few shops that manage to be interesting on their own while still maintaining a bit of the character of their creators, but Tang Tang Tang Tang does it brilliantly. Paul Smith's shops have always been like that, but I can't think of many others.

Tang Tang Tang Tang
66 Johnston Road
Wanchai (right underneath the Pawn, and just around the corner from Ship Street)

Right around the corner on Ship Street are tapas bars 22 Ships and Ham & Sherry. Among the tapas at Ham & Sherry is toast with bacala - salt cod. I haven't had salt cod since a dinner years ago at Cafė de Bruxelles in New York, which has apparently closed now after many years of serving the best fries in New York. Although not a sherry fan, I had a nice pre-dinner drink and snack with my husband here on Saturday and the sweet sherry was quite nice with salty anchovies and cod.

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