Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tower Bridge Antiques

admiring my new linen press from Tower Bridge Antiques while dreaming of one day owning a Georgian country house

I have not been able to concentrate on anything fashion lately. If you read regularly you may remember that I vowed not to buy any clothes until May - so I haven't been looking at fashion that much, it would simply be too tempting. A book club last week kept me busy reading Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy and The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. For good measure I continued on with Snobs by Julian Fellowes, the creator of Downton Abbey. I wouldn't recommend the Bridget book, but the other two were tremendously entertaining. Julian Fellowes' wisdoms about social hierarchy in England are both funny and confronting, and as he analyzes the psychology of social climbing there is also real pathos in the book. The sounds of sycophantic laughter and flattery of the rich and powerful are just as common in Hong Kong - just substitute the aristocrat for the most powerful banker/boardmember - so the themes of the book are rather universal.

Aside from reading I have been looking for antique cabinets online, so that I can hide my television in the bedroom. I cannot begin to tell you how much I liked Tower Bridge Antiques. I found a mahogany linen press, ordered it, had it shipped by air, and within two weeks I was sorted. Furniture in Hong Kong is rubbish, lots of faux Italian lacquered MDF at stupidly high prices, so I was really glad to find how easy it was to import things from England. The website had a good selection, but once I enquired after a specific item, owner Ron sent me pictures with many more options. Very highly recommended.

My husband and I are always dreaming of finding a country house in England, so house porn took up a lot of my time as well. This house looked so pretty, a romantic jumble of buildings and additions in lovely gardens - no wonder it was already sold when I came across it (not that that matters, cos in no way whatsoever could we have afforded it).

Don't like the furnishings at all, but the shape of this room and the light flooding in are just perfect.

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  1. OMG Di ……that's the Old Vicarage, Wargrave if I am not mistaken!!! We looked around it as a potential new home….sadly too close to the road for us!