Monday, March 10, 2014

Broken Vows - Phillip Lim is to blame

Phillip Lim wool dress with silk lining

There is this dress in my living room since yesterday - it's Phillip Lim and it's not my fault.

It has a zipper hidden under the little peplum

I mean, I had to go to Ap Lei Chau to get my daughter the Barbie Safari Sisters Camping Set, which was on the top of her birthday list.

you can wear just the skirt (maybe with a white Gap shirt and some Chloé flats)

Then I had to catch the lift down, but a few were out of order so I had to walk around the whole 19th floor to find one.

you can wear just the top (maybe with some baggy Isabel Marant trousers and old Céline sandals)

How was I to know I would walk right into a shop called Imaginex with a really big Phillip Lim sign in the window when I still had 20 minutes to kill before I was being picked up???

Yes maybe I shouldn't have gone in, but I did. And so I broke my vow and bought a dress, at 70 % off mind you. Phillip Lim's fabrics are very special, the cut of the clothes is brilliant and there very often is a little invisible surprise. This dress turns into a top and a skirt by unzipping the bottom. It is so beautifully made... and at 70 % off it was very inexpensive. But in penance for my sins I am eating beans on toast for the rest of the week.

Go to this Imaginex store! 19th floor of Horizon Place in Ap Lei Chau. I skipped all the other stuff, but there is a big Phillip Lim section with some lovely, very recent things in there.

PS did you notice my Stella McCartney Pity the Fool necklace? That's one of the 2 necklaces and 8 (!) bracelets I managed to whittle from the chain of my old Falabella bag (see previous post on that subject HERE).

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