Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday 16 March in Hong Kong

The IFC seen from Peel Street

A Marinara pizza at Motorino with an extra topping of brussels sprouts - accompanied by some sparkling red

When my husband gets homesick for New York, we do pizza - this place is straight out of Brooklyn, but on the escalator just above Staunton Street

The earlier part of the day was spent with children who were absolute angels on a 2 hour morning hike, a glass of wine and lots of decorating books in the afternoon. One day I want to have a room where the wall paper matches the upholstery. Every time I look at pictures of pretty bedrooms like this though, I wonder if there is a husband in that room?? And do they like this girly stuff?? 

Such a pretty blue room - and I love the 3 paintings above the fireplace rather than just one in the middle.

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