Sunday, March 23, 2014

In 2014 I was hoping to break my previous record...

... of 254 posts a year, but then got totally waylaid by my bedroom decoration project. Even my mum was wondering whether I am okay, having posted nothing for 6 days. Well good news, the bedroom is almost done. Just need to get a few things today and since it is a really lovely cool morning I am getting one more wear out of this Isabel Marant jacket which has been a firm favorite this season. It is still in stores and also comes in a really nice petrol blue.

I was up really early this morning to drive my husband to Airport Express and while waiting for this traffic light at 6 AM I saw a lone black dog across the road. He just stood there for a moment, looking terrified at my headlights, maybe wondering how in heaven's name he ended up smack in the middle of the city. I can't stop thinking about that poor animal and hope he has found his way back home.

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