Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trench warfare

Everyone who is anyone in fashion loves trench coats. I don't. Well, let me try to explain - I do love the shape and Kate Moss looks great in them (as she does in a brown paper bag). I just don't think they look so great on the average member of the public. Take your classic Burberry trench coat for example (not Prorsum - but the kind people can afford) - it's got big shoulders, low sleeve insets, it's below the knee, there's lots of lining,  and it's kind of bulky. If you want to belt the coat with its winter lining forget about your waist - if you had one, it'll be gone. Walk around 6th Avenue at 8 AM in New York and see what I mean. When you need this coat, in winter when it's raining, it often makes people look rather dowdy.

It does look incredibly cute of course in the picture on the right from American Harper's Bazaar. A short version, with lightweight lining and worn on top of white cut-off shorts. Of course on the day you are wearing cut-offs, you will have long stored your trench with your winter stuff.


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