Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Melbourne Cup Fashions in King's Court

I have recently only been telling you about all the things I do not like about Hong Kong... pollution, lack of art museums, too many bankers and lawyers (so disingenuous of me when my own husband is one of them), you name it. But one of the great things about Hong Kong is that you can make a brand new friend from just a chance meeting, because expats are an open minded fun bunch, who are always keen to make a connection since for many of us our families and friends were left behind in the old country.

Fashion-wise there is nothing I love more than seeing real women dressing up for a party. It's fascinating how creative every day (non-model) people can be with an old dress, a new necklace, old shoes and new hairstyle. I think deep down what I have always wanted to be is a stylist of normal people with a regular budget. I love that moment when you see a friend whose brand new red lips have have made her smile more infectious than ever, or when her shiny new shoes make you notice her lovely shapely legs for the first time.

This girl got her stunning Valentino shoes as an anniversary present from her husband.  He overheard her talking excitedly with a friend, and with a little help of said friend went to Valentino and bought her these breathtaking Rockstuds, which got every girl in the room distracted from the horses.

This beautiful classic girl wore an old but treasured DVF print, and it looked so right on her, I felt I knew exactly who she was from seeing her across the room. She said she doesn't love really loud prints, but liked the taupe and blue in this dress.

One of the best girls in the world wore a JDCamicetta lace Fiona dress (JDC is a little dress company owned by me and my friend Jane). She had bright red lips, slicked back hair and a lovely flower in her bun.

And how pretty is this girl's Megan Park dress? 

Denise wore two gorgeous necklaces from www.duchessajewels.com, which everyone asked her about today. They are from my friend Nerida's company, who has gone to great lengths to study and replicate Georgian antique necklaces like the ones Anna Wintour wears.

French champagne in Swedish glasses - the perfect Hi-Lo combo.

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