Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gucci leopard print loafers

This was a much better photo before I noticed my feet were hairy and had to crop the shot drastically. That said, it now better illustrates my point about the leopard pattern. Never buy leopard print shoes online - the pattern is almost always placed differently on the shoe, and often they don't match at all. Sometimes that is cool and gives them character, but sometimes it is really distracting and you end up not wearing them cos something feels wrong.

When you buy them in the store, you can pick the patterns you like best, or like I have done before, ask for another pair, make a mess on the floor by throwing lefts and rights around with abandon, then pick the best pair and put them back in the box together.

Something has to be done about these. The pair on the right is my favorite one, it has more of the camel color and the black lines are longer and continuous. The lines of the left are too dotty and overall this shoe seems a lot lighter in color. I've had a rummage through my art drawer and after a bit of experimenting on the heel of the shoe I think I have found the right markers to fix it. A 15-year obsession with finding the perfect set of skin color markers for fashion drawing has finally paid off. To be continued.

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