Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Day of Fall Rain in Hong Kong

And suddenly all those exciting possible fall outfits are useless. I mean, it gets crazy slippery on the hilly streets of Hong Kong so when it rains breaking your neck becomes a very distinct possibility. This morning I have already reached for my sensible shoes, a pair of cheap and cheerful plastic patent flats with rubber soles. Only a few weeks ago I figured in fall I would be wearing slouchy drawstring pants with khaki suede pointy boots and an oversized jumper. Well my silky pants looked like seersucker after five minutes in the rain, and my loosely knit jumper got stuck in the zipper of my daughter's backpack. The ensuing scene at the Stanley Ho running track at 7.30 AM was not pretty. My daughter's muffled threats (get off of me mummy) made me rip a hole in my jumper and I drove back home feeling rather foolish. And never mind the suede boots, they never made it out of the box. Every end of summer I get crazy excited for fall, and every fall I very quickly give in to practicality and comfort.

A gorgeous new friend from, reminded me, however, that this fall we can all look like we mean fashion by getting a pair of great sneakers. Apparently Chanel actually sells lots of their runway kicks in the shops... I expected those to be a fashion show affair only but now I think I may check them out later in Princes Building, after a few glasses of lunchtime birthday juice. Nothing like a tipsy shopping excursion to assuage the guilt of spending stupid money on bouclĂ© and plastic runners.

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