Friday, November 14, 2014

A magical hour at Maison Valentino

Fi tries on high heels and kitten heels

I love - but the girls call them bridesmaids shoes

mushy pea green is a divine contrast to orange in these cashmere jumpers

where are the shop girls? look, I am touching...

detail of a wool cape - imagine having to sew all those scalloped details - masterpiece

my favorite thing in the store

camo sneakers

tone on tone rockstuds in grainy leather

hello little friend

if only I were tall, I would choose the flats over all the other Rockstuds

love that orange so much

I am squinting and pretending this is my closet

I made friends with random customers (some champagne was consumed before this magical hour)

still no shop girls, why are they not stopping me

already a classic

I spent a magical hour walking around Valentino yesterday, picking up everything, touching the clothes, rearranging displays, and taking loads of pictures. I had come in after a long afternoon at Isola to exchange shoes I had bought on Monday after someone described them as bridesmaids shoes. I loved them but couldn't put my finger on what it was that gave me a hint of hesitation that morning as I tried to find an outfit for them. But after my friend said it I could see them right there next to the altar, peeping out from under a sugary sweet pink heap of tulle. I made my decision quickly and chose a pink pair of Rockstuds with matching pink straps. While Fi and Den kept the shop girls busy trying on every variety of shoe in the shop I wandered around in absolute heaven.

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