Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where would we be without Phoebe

Céline bag

Céline sneakers

Fashion's silhouette has changed so much under Phoebe Philo's reign at Céline, that I feel old fashioned and in need of an update urgently. A lot of designers have offered things I have coveted over the last few seasons, but Phoebe has made me question why in heaven's name I still dress in skinnies. They have started to look a bit dated, but I think they can look new again with more volume above, like my brand new Zara top maybe. I have been wanting to try volume and cropped tops over longer layers and found this very simple wool top yesterday which seems to go with all my old favorites.

Here is the top over a favorite white COS shirt and with my all time favorite black pants by Phillip Lim. 
The boots with slightly higher and wider shaft are from Zara as well.

The top updates my very old but beloved H&M checked pants, and is a nice short layer over my JDC blouse.

With these well loved stripy shorts and JDC silk top, I love the 3rd layer of the cropped top. The top is in stores now - and it totally works as a coat in Hong Kong.

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