Thursday, October 24, 2013


my old self in the mirror - the person I know and trust

Ah, who doesn't love a selfie. Does anyone really ever know what sunglasses look like on their face until the effect is properly surveyed on a selfie? Or an outfit? What does the mirror know about clothes anyway? An iphone shot is all it takes nowadays. Wait, is that a hair on my chin??

Well, I thought I was so with it, taking my selfies in the mirror with my Blackberry until recently. And then Blackberry almost went bust, and a whole lot of people shamed me into getting an iphone. Yet... bloody hell - I DON'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE MYSELF. 

We all sort of know that the mirror is our reverse image, and not what people see.... but I am so used to that person, she's the one I want to see. So why did iphone have to go ahead and invent a camera that let's you shoot yourself exactly how you are - I mean, who needs that kind of realism, I have barely gotten used to the person in the mirror. Someone save Blackberry please, I love sticking my head in the sand.

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