Monday, August 4, 2014

Thakoon slouchy trousers

Thakoon draped trousers - find them HERE

On the first day home from the Maldives I went to Causeway Bay. I looked around in wonder at the girls in Times Square wearing super uncomfortable high heels and tight clothes through the eyes of a hippie who's just walked around the beach barefoot for two weeks straight. I thought I will never wear uncomfortable heels again. I even thought why do all these people think that the strangers around them give a fig about what they wear. Well that was then, and now barely three days later I am salivating in front of Net-a-Porter and right back in fashion slave land. I love these slouchy trousers with the oversized V-neck jumper and heels - am itching to find some that do not cost close to HK$ 7,000. I know I am beating a dead horse - but why are viscose and acetate trousers so expensive?

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  1. Well hanging around Causeway Bay isn't the right place to avoid high heels and the latest clothes. lol