Saturday, August 16, 2014

Count your blessings

Somewhere yesterday I read an article in which someone I admire said to always count your blessings. I couldn't stop thinking about that today. The weather was just perfect with sun, shade, and breeze alternating so that we were always comfortable, and my husband cooked a delicious simple lunch -  I made sure to count my blessings every 10 minutes or so.

Although I very much found myself in the moment all day, I could not stop thinking about the jeans I bought last night, and how I wanted to photograph them in the evening light on my teak table just before sunset (sorry Penny I totally did hang on your every word of course).

Here they are - the patchwork makes me feel like I am very much this season and the fit makes me feel like I lost 5 Pounds. I may not always love Isabel Marant's runway shows, where her disheveled cool girl fashion always seems too far removed from my normal everyday world, but the clothes that end up in her shops always hit the mark. Cannot wait to wear these to death all winter.

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