Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Holidays are over, guests are gone, and I am thinking of Fall fashion

Simple pleasures - washing your hands in the Cafe Gray bathroom looking down from the 49th floor onto the city below. A must for visitors from abroad. I hope you would agree with me Raymond from Causeway Bay?

I have had a brilliant time in the Maldives and subsequently a fun drunken whirlwind visit from very dear friends of old. Then a hectic day of shopping for school supplies and uniforms, and now I feel like peace personified sitting on my bed with a giant stack of magazines and a glass of red. It is raining vats of dirty grey rain, so inside (in my air conditioned room) it feels like Fall is upon us. If you love fashion as much as I do you will not argue when I state that reading the big Fall issues and imagining your clothes for the upcoming cold is one of the greatest pleasures ever.

I am super tempted to run out to Gucci because my one favorite items so far has got to be those block heeled boots with horse bits on the front. I think I prefer the short ones, they remind me of the Tom Ford days, when Madonna was still cool, and when Amber Valetta was my favorite model. But my first purchase of the season is always a dreadful mistake. I don't know why, but it has been a disaster year after year, so I am waiting, and considering.

Speaking of the Gucci show, there were two outfits with jeans which were so lovely and so fresh. Real women hardly ever wear head-to-toe designer looks - I really don't get why designers don't mix it up more often.

The sixties have always appealed to me, and actually I did already buy something for the new season, maybe these are going to be my dreadful mistakes. I have also splurged on a bag and a bracelet, but those I feel absolutely safe with. My taupe Balenciaga VĂ©lo bag has been the best bag purchase I have ever made, so I happily went with the slightly updated black version by Alexander Wang.

The shoes however... are Lanvin and very Belle de Jour and I am slightly worried that while I will be thinking I am wearing them ironically with low crotch destroyed skinnies, other people might think I have borrowed my granny's shoes. So I will say to myself what I say to my daughter in situations like this: stick to your convictions, girl, it's your confidence that is going to make an outfit look good.

The magazines are fabulous this month. Lots of oversized minimalism, which always makes for a great fashion photo on a super tall skinny model. Although my favorite single outfit so far is very fitted - worn by Freja Beha in the Louis Vuitton ads.

I love the prim and proper collar, I love a tailored tweed jacket more than anything for Fall, now throw in some patent leather pants, and I am in heaven.

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