Thursday, August 21, 2014

A skirt and a white shirt

I bought the skirt in COS quite a few years ago. It was tight when I bought it, but I thought I would go on a diet. Surprise, surprise, I didn't - so it didn't get worn for a while. Then I exercised like a madman for about 2 years, was finally able to fit the skirt but at that time I deemed it too long. Had it shortened but gained back lots of Pounds so couldn't fit it again. Today, after lots of meals of seaweed and spinach, it fit just right. Phew! - thought that was going to be one of those shameful purchases that get thrown out unworn...

I am tucking in a lot lately. I have even tried it with jeans and shorts and I like that it makes my legs seem longer. This outfit felt so fun and girly. The shirt is J.Crew, the 3-quarter sleeve perfect shirt (find it HERE), and the shoes are very old Moschino.

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