Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sarah Rutson, coolest woman in Hong Kong

You have all heard JCrew arrived in Hong Kong a few weeks ago. I have been there a few times now, and although few things fit me, it is pretty fabulous. Whereas JCrew in America carries predominantly useful every day clothes, in Hong Kong the store is full of the glam stuff, JCrew Collection, and every other embroidered, shiny silky thing they could fit in the small store in the IFC mall (There used to be a McDonald's restaurant in this location funnily enough, but now it's a sleek palace for skinny girls. A friend told me more than a few people on Hong Kong Mums are up in arms about the available sizes, because after all this is an American shop, and why don't they cater to expats as well as skinnier locals. I agree they are not doing themselves any favors by having so many small sizes, not just for us expats, but the whole world is slowly getting fatter, and the people of Hong Kong are no exception).

In other words, JCrew has typecast us as a super glam skinny bunch, but I have to say I love it. I do think Hong Kong has a style all its own, and this shop has totally nailed that style. 

I bumped into to one of the glammest girls I know yesterday, and she was wearing a blue oxford cloth shirt, cut in a tuxedo style. The magazines have been showing such shirts as part of the minimal trend in fashion right now - but in Hong Kong style she accessorized the pared down shirt with big shiny but modern earrings, a colorful belt and a pale grey chain strap bag.

an oxford cloth shirt by Valentino

I think Sarah Rutson, Fashion Director of Lane Crawford, is Hong Kong style's fiercest ambassador - she always makes simple clothes look glam beyond comparison.

Sarah Rutson featured in JCrew's summer Hong Kong catalog.
"Hong Kong is a very slick city; people really like to dress up. Myself included."

Maybe that's because HK has so many of these places - a cocktail before dinner Saturday night at Il Milione (find it HERE) in Hutchison House.

An Amaretto Sour

The perfect HK accessory - a bit modern, a bit of chain detail. I want it.

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