Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eres swimwear and some other summer favorites

For years I have been reading about Eres swimwear and their special patented fabric - but at those prices I was never tempted to try. Then I ran into this little number at the Lane Crawford outlet in Ap Lei Chau for a third of the price, and I am totally convinced. The fabric is a super thin and soft but yet it doesn't budge, meaning it keeps everything actually where it should be - up rather than down. It's like doing three years of pilates, no joke. I talk about the olden days way too much, but good swim suits used to be like this! I have two indestructible bikinis from LaPerla Aquasuit from many years ago, but lately feeling rather disappointed when I see what is in stores. Cheap fabric everywhere.

Summer is here! Love a bright tote - this is a cheapy from Shenzhen. The lovely linen scarf is from the new collection of Nuan Cashmere. Nuan's owner is a friend - check her out on Facebook.

My fave JDCamicetta happy summer dress helped by some seriously fuzzy filters. Loooove the trickery of Instagram, reality is just so overrated. The JDCamicetta Fiona dress works anywhere for any occasion.

My fave piece of summer jewelry. My mum bought it for me years ago at Swarovski. It's super light, and big and shiny enough so you don't have to wear anything else. There are loads of different colors and shapes.

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