Saturday, June 14, 2014

DVF Celeste jumpsuit

One of these days there is going to be no one left in Hong Kong. I am going from leaving party to leaving lunch to leaving dinner. That's not exactly why I haven't posted much though. I have been busy making a scrap book for my 11-year old son, a tradition his British school forces on frightened parents every year around this time. This P6 book as it's called has to be scrapped together in an album chosen for us by someone in charge somewhere and it has sixty (60!) pages. I suppose when it will be done (it is not and I am 3 days past the deadline) it will be a lovely memory for my child. In the meantime it is my worst nightmare.

But a little light fashion relief was provided by Martine last night who came to the leaving party in a gorgeous bright red DVF jumpsuit. I love prints in just one color with white, and this red is striking. Her neutral bow clutch is Valentino and was a perfect girly compliment to the jumpsuit.

the straight skinny models just don't do this jumpsuit justice - find this blue version HERE

if you are not as courageous as Martine to wear this one in town, it is a really great little holiday dress - find it HERE.

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