Thursday, June 26, 2014

About Beef & Liberty and piss poor moral values

The star of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, with the most gorgeous croc bag on Instagram

I have been exercising like a mad woman. On an average day I am swimming for 90 minutes before I walk from the Mid-Levels up to the Peak. I wonder if I was spurred on to get out of my couch potato rut by the Ladies of London television program. It's a tiny bit contagious seeing all these skinny characters in their perfectly fitting jeans without muffin top, even if they don't know how to spell Louboutin (the hash tag in the photo above, #loboutain, actually has 96 photos in it. Spelling, people!! Is this a cult nickname I am not aware of, has some rap star renamed poor Christian? That's just made me think of my favorite line in a rap song: "[you're] unhappy with your riches 'cause you're piss poor morally", from the song Live Your Life by T.I. featuring Rihanna. How great is that line?! Btw if I had that croc bag I would be soooo pleased with my riches, although possibly still piss poor morally). 

Unfortunately all this exercise is also making me really hungry. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't make more sense to sit really still all day and not feel hungry at all? Would that have the same effect on my waist line? One friend says her local nutritionist told her never to do high impact cardio exactly for that reason. And another friend went to a local dermatologist who told her her skin was not great because she was sweating too much; a regime of horse riding was recommended for exercise instead. Too funny; simply going outside for even 10 seconds in Hong Kong's daily 34 degree heat / 95 % humidity causes me to sweat profusely, I don't see how riding a horse would solve any sweaty skin issues.

the falafel burger at Beef & Liberty

But hey, the cultural differences are what make all this expat living fun, I suppose. For my carb cravings I have been going to Beef & Liberty, an new-ish burger place above Pizza Express on Star Street. I have the falafel burger which is deeelicious. Also really kid friendly. Find it HERE.

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