Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Less is more or more is more?

I spend a fair amount every day looking at the blogs of the Céline posse, you know those girls who can wax lyrical about the brand new cuff length on a white cotton shirt (after all, last year it was 5 cm wide and now it is only 4!). But then whenever I get dressed I realize no matter how much, in principle, I admire those white shirt goddesses in their plain jeans and flats, no jewelry whatsoever, clutch bag tucked gracefully under the arm, and their perfectly plain shoulder length hair, I would be bored out of my mind dressing like that.

(And by the way, who in real life carries a large clutch tucked under the arm as a DAY bag - I mean, really, imagine carrying your wallet, make-up, tampons, hairbrush, check book, Advil, wet wipes etc in a giant clutch under your arm all day).

This is how I went out tonight:

DVF blouse
Uniqlo merino wool cardigan worn hanging from shoulders and fastened with a chain
Miu Miu grey clutch
Zara pink suede and pink gold sandals
Isabel Marant shorts
Isabel Marant belt
Cheap fake and not so cheap real bracelets in all colors and sizes

I don't recommend going as crazy as I usually do. After all, that's why people think I am bohemian and quirky rather than conservatively chic! My friend below kept it simple but interesting tonight in a dress cut from an intricate lace laid over a bright watermelon pink. For her jewelry, she stuck to her watch and one bold modern bracelet in gold and white. The effect was really lovely, not too minimal, and not too busy.

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