Thursday, December 5, 2013

You think you love fashion...

... but then morning comes around and you have to find something to wear YET AGAIN. 

Fashion is relentless - every single morning it's in your face - what the H am I going to wear?  Not loving fashion so much right now sitting here with a hangover that originated at Quinary and ended at Gaia. So I am going for comfort all the way.

Common Projects grey suede sneakers

JCrew giant red turtleneck jumper

Mother jeans (how grateful am I to Melbourne Fashion Girl for introducing these to me!)

Marc Jacobs grey bag from the 1900s (I am bringing it back after Fearless Fi brought along her burgundy Marc Jacobs from the early 2000s last night)

Okay so that wasn't so hard after all... I guess I still really do love fashion

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