Thursday, December 19, 2013

There are a few things I hate about this place

But then there are also some things I truly love - like the Dafen art village in Shenzhen for instance, just across the Hong Kong border in China. I have been slightly obsessed with the style of Downton Abbey, the British television series. Not so much the story, but very much the houses, the art, the decorative objects. Every time the opening credits finish, the camera lingers over a close-up shot of a perfect vase of wilted roses in front of a perfect green wall, on a perfect sideboard. A mere two weeks ago I took a screen shot of this perfect still life and showed it to an artist in Dafen whose work I like, and today he sent me the beautiful painted result. I absolutely love it, and one day when I no longer live in Hong Kong I will think of how lucky I was to spend some time here during my life.

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